How Would Today’s Woman Fare in the Old West? Find Out!

There is something to be said about equality, but the problem is, many people simply have it wrong! Equality is all about getting equal rights, not about confusing what nature has to say about the limitations of our bodies. The same holds true for men! There are just some things a man’s body is well suited for and other things which are beyond the scope of what a woman can easily accomplish. Equality is all about getting equal benefits and equal respect no matter which gender you are or if you are among the world’s transgender population. Knowing what we know today, and with the very different role women play in our 21st Century society, how do you think today’s woman would fare in the Old West?

Maybe That Isn’t the Question We Should Be Asking

Are any of us really prepared for such a rugged lifestyle? Could you work from sunup to sundown without a break? Could you work the ranch and then come in to do everything manually without the luxury of a heated shower, electronics to check the news and weather, or a computer to send emails to loved ones? And then there are business colleagues. Back in the day you would have sent a courier or perhaps a message by wagon train. It sounds a bit bizarre, doesn’t it?

Well really, that’s probably just how 18th, 19th and 20th Century people would be looking at us and the things we take for granted. At least today when you visit the Old West you can stay in the lap of luxury at a full service hotel complete with concierge such as you’d find at No more carrying water from water holes for baths and dinner. In fact, you don’t even need to cook dinner today there are so many cafés and restaurants lining just about every urban street.

A Perfect Example of the Old West Today – Jackson Hole, WY

If you would really like to get a taste of the Old West without actually living it, why not take a trip to Jackson Hole, WY this summer? See what men and women did back in the day and how they lived. There are enough relics around that you can get a sense of just what it must have been like. Take one of the tours through the area, ride the ski lifts to get a panoramic view of the valley, ride the rapids on a raft and so much more.

You will get a taste of what it was like before the days of gender equality which should make you that much happier that you are living today. It is safe to assume that women, although called the ‘fairer sex’ would probably do well in the Wild Wild West because they are, underneath it all, creatures of great strength. Today’s woman has just as much strength as women centuries ago, they are just using it in different ways. Looking to see how your role has changed? A trip to historic Jackson Hole is just what the doctor ordered.

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