5 Effective Ways to Stimulate Creativity

Do you ever have days when you wish you were more creative? Well, maybe the only thing preventing your creativity flowing is a lack of stimulation. For this reason, we are looking at five effective ways to rouse creativity.

1. Look at Blue or Green Colours

If you want to feel inspired, it has been recommended to look at something blue or green. According to researchers, many people associate the colour blue with the ocean, sky or just wide, open spaces, while green often signifies growth and development. So, the next time a problem rears its ugly head, stare at the sky or lie on the grass, and the creative solution might pop right into your mind.

2. Marijuana

The benefits of marijuana have been widely reported, but did you know it could have your mind bursting with creative ideas? The simple act of smoking marijuana vaporizers may result in you experiencing some mental benefits, such as a surge of creativity. Others find that using marijuana-based oils such as dab could also assist with creativity, all you need is a dab torch to light it on be on your way.

It is believed that people will be better at coming up with new ideas when smoking marijuana, as one study found that people can detect remote associations with ease, which can harness creative thinking. That’s because marijuana can aid relaxation so that the brain can perceive concepts and words differently. Therefore, you do not find yourself second guessing your ideas and is a great way to move past writer’s block.

3. Start Exercising

We all know the many health benefits of exercise, but it can do so much more than raising your endorphins and serotonin. According to various studies, exercise can boost your creative brain power. One study split participants into two groups, where one-half were required to perform an exercise video, while the other half were asked to watch a video. The people who exercised later displayed greater divergent thinking and problem-solving.

4. A Messy Space

Now this one is unusual. According to research, a messy space can boost creativity. Apparently, it can help people embrace a new way of thinking over being drawn to the more “traditional” or “classic” approaches. You can, therefore, embrace new concepts and ideas at a greater rate, rather than sticking to tried and tested methods. So, the next time someone complains you’re messy, simply tell them you’re creative.

5. Embrace Your Hypnopompic State

This last tip comes from none other than Salvador Dali, who was easily one of the most creative artists in the world. The surrealist painter would often use the hypnopompic state to aid his work, which is the period of coming out of sleep.

He would reportedly take a nap in a chair with a spoon in his hand, while he kept a tin can on the floor. When he had drifted into sleep, he would drop the spoon onto the can, and the loud noise would wake him up. In his hypnopompic state, he would latch onto the creative images he remembered from his dreams to create his art. So, if you want to come up with new and exciting ideas, embrace a different state of consciousness. It could lead to a wealth of ideas you didn’t know you had inside of you.

Thanks to Joao Pedro

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