Creating the Perfect Office Space for a Hard Working Woman

Whether you work from home full time, or just bring work home from the office occasionally, it’s a good idea to have a separate office space. Having your own office area makes it easy to leave work behind at the end of the day. It’s also a fantastic way to make sure you stay organized and motivated. Letting your office reflect your personality with some cool feminine touches can help you feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as confident and successful. Here are some great tips to help make sure your office is the perfect work space.

Focus on Ergonomics

Your office space needs to work for you. So, make sure it’s comfortable, and everything is easy to reach or find. Invest in a comfortable chair, which offers you great back support. Then, make sure your computer sits at eye level, your screen is far enough away that you can see it easily, but not so far you have to crane your neck, and that your desk supports your wrists when you type. Keep any files or notepads you use regularly within reach. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time sat at your desk.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter, can make a room look messy, affect your concentration, and it can even be a hazard. Make sure any floor wires are kept tucked away, or along walls. Any wires on your desk should also be moved to one side or tidied. Then, avoid any other clutter by using desk tidies and drawers.

Sensible Storage

When you design your office space, think about how much storage you are going to need. Plan for expansion. Then, utilize whatever space you have. A small file cabinet could easily fit under your desk. Wall shelves and notice boards can work well above a desk. Keeping everything organized is a great way to boost your productivity. So, make sure you know where everything is.

White Space

Keeping your walls light, or even white, is a fantastic way to make you feel more alert and focused. Bright colors can fill you with energy.

Make it Personal

While it’s a good idea to avoid too much clutter with your décor, a few personal touches can make your office feel homely, and improve your mood. Add fine art canvas prints to your walls to add some class and glamour. You can also add some photos of your family, and some soft furnishings for comfort.

Think about the Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in an office. You’ll need a main, bright light. But, if you plan on being there late, or do a lot of reading, you might also want to add a desk lamp, or a tall standing lamp.

How you decorate your office should be personal to you and how you work. Let it show your personality and be a place you feel motivated, yet relaxed and at peace. But remember, functionality is the most important thing. This is a space you use for work, so it needs to be organized, functional, and comfortable, before anything else.

Thanks to Joao Pedro De Sousa

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