The Top U.S. Cities for Girls’ Getaways

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Every woman needs to go on a fun, relaxing girly vacation at least once in their lives. Whether you’re jetting off with sisters, your best friend, or a group of your best girlfriends, taking a girly break away allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and catch up with some of your closest friends. Girls’ holidays are a great opportunity to party and let your hair down a little bit, get pampered, and make some awesome memories that you’ll never forget. If you’ve been getting together with your girls recently and talking about booking a fun-filled city break for you all, you’re in luck as the U.S. is home to a range of amazing cities that make the perfect destination for a girly trip. We’ve put together some of our favorite girls’ city break destinations in the USA.

Las Vegas

vegas1If you really want to let your hair down and go a little bit wild, Las Vegas is the place to be. The perfect destination for bachelorette parties and other celebrations with the girls, Las Vegas is home to some amazing themed casinos, flagship stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and everything in between.

There’s the huge observation wheel that visitors should definitely not miss, along with a range of water parks, tours, and more activities to do both along the main strip and in the surrounding areas. Don’t forget to check out Hershey’s Chocolate World, the biggest Hershey’s store in existence that’s home to a range of amazing, tasty treats, exclusive products, and chocolate-crafted attractions.

New York

If you are hoping to visit a city that’s full of amazing attractions, shops, and nightlife, it’s definitely worth a visit to the Big Apple. New York is filled with amazing things to see and do, from the regular activities held in Central Park to famous landmarks such as Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. Along with that, visitors should not miss seeing the iconic Statue of Liberty. New York has all the shopping opportunities that you could possibly dream of, and along with that, there are plenty of other things for you to see and do, with a range of different museums in the city to explore and ferries to Staten Island and Liberty Island which run regularly.


Although it’s got more of a reputation for romantic or family getaways, Honolulu can also make a wonderful destination when it comes to getting away with your girlfriends. A city with plenty of things to see and do, Honolulu is a great choice of destination if you’re a fan of the beach, with plenty of beaches in the area that you can lounge on all day and get the best tan of your life. There are plenty of beach activities, too, with relaxing yoga on the beach, water sports, and more to choose from. Along with that, Honolulu ranks pretty high when it comes to tourist safety and security, making it even more of a perfect choice for a girly vacation.


Miami in Florida is a popular vacation destination for people all around the world, with the famous Miami Beach drawing in millions of tourists every year. If you’re hoping to go on a luxury girly getaway where you’ll be able to take part in plenty of activities along with relaxing on the beach as well, Miami can be a great choice. The city also has a very vibrant nightlife, with a range of nightclubs and beach clubs that you can go to for a fun vacation party or night out.

San Francisco

An American city which ranks high on the list when it comes to popular destinations for girls’ vacations, San Francisco is home to some great restaurants, bars, and shops. Along with that, the streets of San Francisco are very pedestrian-friendly, with a range of interesting and fun guided walking tours which you can take. For girls who love to drink wine, San Francisco is one of the best destinations, with a range of wine bars and world-class restaurants where you can taste some amazing vintage wines, international wines, and more.

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