Global Oneness Day 2016, OCT 24

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What is Oneness?

Oneness is the ‘interconnectedness’ of all Life of everything that exists. It is our unity with the Divine and each other. We are an inseparable part of the Divine, God, Source, All that Is; the term you use doesn’t matter. It is all the same.

When we ask the question “What is Oneness?” The essence of Oneness surrounds us. Like a fish asking “What is water?” we are immersed in Oneness in every moment. Science tells us that everything is energy and that we are all connected. Ancient spiritual teachings and modern day quantum physics are very much in alignment.

At the core of all the main religions is the Golden Rule, which is “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Golden Rule is the essence of Oneness. What you do to another person you are doing to another aspect of yourself. And when you can look into another’s eyes and see the Divine, which is within everyone, you will understand the Universal Truth of Oneness.

Oneness is a timeless Truth. Mystics and philosophers have proclaimed it for thousands of years. For over a century, science has proven the connection between consciousness and matter, our genetic connection with all life, and our biological and psychological interdependence.

We are all One!

At this time, an unprecedented number of human beings are awakening to Oneness. For our evolution as a species and all life on Earth, the timing could not be more perfect. Humanity’s awakening to our inherent Oneness which addresses the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation has caused massive problems on earth. In Oneness we can find the solutions needed to avoid global calamity and create a world of health, well-being and flourishing for all.

What is Global Oneness Day?

Oneness Day is a day dedicated to celebrating our Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of Life. Similar to Earth Day, which galvanized the global environmental movement; Global Oneness Day has become a catalyst for spiritual activism and the emerging global Oneness ushering a new paradigm.

Oneness represents a profound new shift in humanity’s culture from one of competition to one of cooperation. In the late 1960′s the first photographs of the Earth seen from space powerfully impacted humanity’s perception of the world.

We realized that all life on our beautiful blue planet was deeply connected. This understanding has deepened and expanded as more people recognize that Oneness is Divine and the very essence of our being.

Today Oneness is expressed through many diverse streams – religions, philosophies, ancient/indigenous traditions, and science. These streams are overflowing their banks, commingling, and converging to form a single stream, a universal Oneness movement.

Global Oneness Day is our day to celebrate unity in our diversity, as a community consecrated to serving humanity’s collective awakening.

Global Oneness Day is a day for people across the globe to join in celebrating our Oneness with all of life and each other. Global celebrations of all types, such as cross-cultural and interfaith gatherings, song and dance gatherings, nature gatherings, meditation and prayer circles, reading the Oneness Declaration and listening to the telesummit together – all in true communion and remembrance of Who We Really Are!

The Global Oneness Day virtual telesummit continues to grow each year, and is as the rallying point of each celebration. Join us to hear dozens of internationally renowned speakers share how Oneness can be realized and expressed in daily life, so that our global society blossoms into greater health, harmony and happiness.

You will be inspired by internationally known speakers, by their ideas and passion. The summit is an opportunity to join tens of thousands of participants in the amazing experience of solidarity and shared consciousness as One. Humanity’s Team is honored to collaborate closely with Co-Creators of the 2016 Global Oneness Day Summit, including Neale Donald Walsch, Ervin Laszlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patricia Cota-Robles, The Shift Network, James Twyman, Steve Bhaerman, Jonathan Goldman, and Conscious Shift Radio.

Participation is FREE

Thanks to our generous summit Co-Creators, our Affiliates, and to all the speakers who have volunteered their time, we are able to offer this experience for free to the public. All you need is a phone or an Internet connected device to listen.

Read and Promote the Oneness Declaration

The Oneness Declaration expresses the very spirit of Global Oneness Day. It is a mirror for reflection and inspiration. It is also a beautiful way for us to manifest our shared consecration to creating a world of peace, abundance, and joy that reflects our shared connection to each other, with nature, and the Divine. Through the declaration of our Oneness we pronounce the Oneness that is in all of humanity and all of Creation. We birth a new world of wonderful possibilities for all humanity. The Oneness Declaration confirms our most Fundamental Reality. Read the Declaration in several languages here.

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Together we will make a profound difference!

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