5 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Pregnant at the Beach

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Many pregnant women make the assumption that they can’t go to the beach while they are pregnant, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, there are a host of great benefits that you can derive from going to the beach while you are pregnant, and a few of the reasons why you should not hold yourself back from having some fun in the sun are listed below.

1. There Are So Many Adorable Things You Can Wear

These days, maternity clothes are comfortable and attractive, and there are plenty of stylish summer outfits that you can choose from that would be perfect for a day at the beach, from adorable tank tops and sexy skirts, to summer dresses and a plus size tankini. There are a lot of maternity clothing designers that have provided pregnant women with so many more options than ever before, so there is no need to feel uncomfortable while at the beach because now you can look your absolute best and show off your beautiful growing belly.

2. You Will Be Getting a Healthy Dose of Vitamin D

Beyond being able to look and feel your best while you are lying on the sand or playing in the water, another great reason to go to the beach while you are pregnant is the fact that you will be exposing your skin to natural sunlight that will produce vitamin D in your body. Of course, you should wear some sunscreen to protect your skin from getting burnt, but getting enough vitamin D through sun exposure is important for your overall health. And because vitamin D deficiency is actually surprisingly common throughout pregnancy, causing a greater risk of gestational diabetes, bacterial vaginosis, and preeclampsia, this is definitely a nutrient that you don’t want to ignore.

3. Get Some Exercise

Walking along the beach could be a wonderful way to get some exercise while you are pregnant, and the best part is that you will not even realize that you are working out because you will be more focused on the beauty that surrounds you and the wind that is blowing through your hair. Plus, taking a walk with your spouse is a great way to bond and spend some much-needed quiet time together before your baby arrives. But don’t forget that another way that you can get some exercise while you are spending time at the beach is by swimming in the ocean. Whether you get to dive into waves or the ocean is as calm as a pool, swimming is a fantastic low-impact workout that will help you stay in shape during your pregnancy and help support your overall health.

4. An Entire Day to Relax

When you are pregnant, your body might start to ache and feel more fatigued than usual, so heading off to the beach, where you can lounge on the sand and totally relax, is the perfect way to unwind. You can let your mind drift and clear as you meditate silently to the sound of the waves, and you can immerse your body in the warm water as you de-stress and unwind. You can even take a short nap on the sand and take in the fresh air of the ocean breeze. You will return home feeling rejuvenated and re-energized, so this time away from your responsibilities will definitely be worth it.

5. Have a Delicious and Healthy Picnic Outside

Another great reason to visit the beach while you are pregnant is the fact that you can enjoy a relaxing and healthy picnic on the sand. Whether you head to the shore with your girlfriends or your spouse, you can pack some sandwiches, fresh fruits, and water so that you can have a snack whenever you get hungry, as well as enjoy a whole meal while taking in the sunshine, sand, and surf. Just be sure to pack enough food and keep it in a cooler to maintain its freshness.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should not hesitate to plan a fun day at the beach while you are pregnant. Once your baby is born, things will get pretty hectic, and you may not be able to head to the beach again for quite some time, so get your time in the sunshine and on the sand while you can. And go ahead and show off your beautiful baby bump by wearing a really cute outfit or bathing suit that you will feel fantastic in.

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