Why Do Less Women Than Men Do MBA Courses?

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A graduate degree, such as an online masters in business administration, can definitely boost your career opportunities. But, more men than women are heading to college to study for an MBA. Even though the number of women going to college to study business before heading to the boardroom is on the rise, the majority of MBA courses are predominantly made up of men. We’ve taken a look into why this is happening and why more ladies aren’t signing up for MBA and online MBA courses.

Reasons for Doing an MBA

According to a study carried out a few back, the reasons for doing an MBA course were pretty much the same for both men and women – better career opportunities, development of their business skill set, career progression and better salaries. However, according to the survey, men listed development of their leadership skills as one of their highest motivators for enrolling on an MBA course, whereas women were more interested in being more employable.

Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

Although the ratio of female to male entrepreneurs is still disproportionate, there has been an increase in the amount of women who are starting their own businesses. Women who do complete an MBA or an MBA degree online such as those available from the University of Maryland often do so in order to further their business knowledge and skills. Experts say that initially, many women often initially view themselves as being less competent in the business world, however, an MBA affirms their right to be at the table with men and gives them the confidence they need to go on to be successful.

Plugging a Skills Gap

Some women who study for an MBA do so in order to plug a skills gap as they go along. This is especially true for those women who are currently running successful companies of their own and realize that an MBA could have a lot of benefits for themselves and their business. On the other hand, some women who come from working in large organizations, for example law firms, will use an MBA to kick-start their own career in another field of expertise – for example setting up their own law firm or becoming a consultant.

Other Commitments

Although the gender gap is certainly closing when it comes to family life, there is no denying that there are more men than women who return to education to further their careers after starting a family. For many women, the idea of enrolling on an MBA degree course is impossible due to the fact that they are already juggling a family and a full-time career. However, with more and more online MBA degree programs available that allow for flexibility and home learning, this may all be set to change very soon. Both women and men who are finding the idea of fitting study around their career, family life or both can use online education to their advantage when it comes to getting an MBA.

Are you a woman with an MBA, or currently studying for one?

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