Hillary Clinton Celebrates Breaking Largest Glass Ceiling-Shattering Win

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Tonight, President Obama called both Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Sanders. The President congratulated both candidates for running inspiring campaigns that have energized Democrats, brought a new generation of Americans into the political process, and shined a spotlight on important policy ideas aimed at making sure our economy and our politics work for everybody, not just those with wealth and power.

The President congratulated Secretary Clinton for securing the delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic Nomination for President. Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for middle-class families and children.

The President thanked Senator Sanders for energizing millions of Americans with his commitment to issues like fighting economic inequality and special interests’ influence on our politics.

In addition, at Senator Sanders’ request, the President and Senator Sanders will meet at the White House on Thursday to continue their conversation about the significant issues at stake in this election that matter most to America’s working families. The President looks forward to continuing the conversation with Senator Sanders about how to build on the extraordinary work he has done to engage millions of Democratic voters, and to build on that enthusiasm in the weeks and months ahead.


In honor of that moment in history—and before the results of today’s six primaries are announced—the Clinton campaign has released a video that celebrates the former Secretary of State’s accomplishment, positioning it as the climax of decades of work stretching back to the women’s suffrage movement in the 1800s and the women’s liberation movement of the 1960s.

The video features footage and famous quotes of prominent female leaders, including Gloria Steinem and Rosa Parks, and of course, Clinton herself. These include Clinton’s famous declaration at the 1995 UN Conference on Women: “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.”

The video, which urges supporters to “keep making history,” represents a turning point in Clinton’s campaign. Now, as she readies herself for battle against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, whose support among women in the United States is dismal, Clinton is embracing with both arms not only the historical significance of her pending nomination but the obvious electoral advantages is could give her in November.

Brava Hillary Clinton!

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