WORKSHOP: Feminine Attraction Secrets Sat, 13 Feb 2016, Toronto, Ontario

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Feminine Attraction Secrets WORKSHOP

Sat, 13 Feb 2016 at 10:00 AM – Toronto, Ontario
Red Canoe Studio MAP
57 Devon Rd.
Toronto, Ontario

Feminine Attraction Secrets

  • Do you want to take your love life to new heights?
  • Would you like to experience deeper, loving connection?
  • Is dating, mating and relating making you crazy?
  • Would you like to take the mystery out of relating with men?
  • How about add in more of your own mystery, your own juicy “Je ne sais quoi”?
  • Do you want more clarity on what is deeply important to you?
  • Are you up for some fun and play as you cause “Great Big Love” shifts?
  • Are you ready to let go of what painfully isn’t working in your life?

Then keep reading to find out more of what is available to you AND your relationship (present or future) through participating in this workshop.

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1. Attract goodness! Draw good things to you, including the good men! Learn to tap into powerful feminine energy when YOU want to, not by chance or folly, to attract whomever you want.

Woman thinking - testimonial GN“…you have helped me understand myself as a woman. You created for me a safe place where trust was paramount and I opened up. Our time coaching brought in me a confidence, an inner peace, vulnerability and beauty that glowed. Consequently, I started attracting the kind of men I would be interested in and they all wanted to be around me. – Selena

2. Be Supported! Learn communication subtlies of relating to a man in a way they understand and will positively respond to you, so you feel cared for, loved and supported.

“The biggest thing I gained out of my conversations with you is a loving, engaged husband who supports me in my great big goals in life.” – Lois

3. Build Confidence! Feel naturally safe and peaceful regardless of what is going on in life, you will have access to unique ways to become calm, as you soothe your nervousness or anxiety.

“Thanks for the exercise last night! Brought a peace on my face this morning, and lots of energy, surrendering to what is coming forward.” -Anonymous

4. Let go! Learn to easily identify and release old unconscious patterns in your body and psyche that are blocking the flow of love, abundance and connection.

“Before I met you, I was stuck in a rut with my love life. I wanted a loving, respectful, lasting relationship but was going about it the wrong way. Attracting men wasn’t a problem; it was the kind of men I was attracting that was.” – Selena

5. Get Freed Up! In your mind, your body, the way you move through life! Learn to distinguish your love blocks often masked as boundaries.

“Wow, wow, WOW!!! I am blown away at the subtle yet complex information that you provided. Thank you Julie for your inherent wisdom and heartfelt response into my situation.” – Kristina

6. Understand Men! Learn more of what men really want in a relationship with you…it’s more than just sex or a good friend.

“…I felt like I was in over my head with trying to figure out the man in my life and what had happened to our lovely relationship. ….I have tools now….tools that you let me in on that will help stop my pretzel brain twist and to open my heart again. Thanks again for being so cool!” — Anonymous

shameless7. Be Shameless! Learn to love and play with your own darkness without all the shame and guilt.

“Finding Julie was such a gift. I was in a very dark place in my marriage and knew I wanted to find love between my husband and I, but kept hitting walls. I had tried couples therapy….I can’t believe how quickly and how deeply Julie sorted me out! Julie helped me to look at myself and my relationship in ways that had never occurred to me. The positive shift in my marriage happened quickly and has had lasting effects. I feel gratitude for our time together every day! “- Amy

8. Be seen and heard! Everyone needs a safe place and a kind compassionate listening from others. This is the space we work in as you experience life altering shifts in your inner world that will ultimately shift your outer world so that you have more love, connection and understanding.

“Thank you so much for your “dance” in relationship workshop. It opened my eyes to possibilities I had never thought of before. The intimate small group let me feel free to openly express my thoughts and bond with fellow participants. Julie, you have a deep understanding of male / female components of a relationship. – SF

9. Revive your Marriage! Learn new ways to be fully and lovingly in your relationship by discovering more about yourself. It only takes one to shift the dynamic of the relationship ‘seesaw’.

“When I decided to engage Julie’s ‘relationship repair services’, I was in the 24th year of a challenge in marriage. I was feeling stuck and didn’t know what to do next; Today… my relationship is better than it has been for a decade. –GG


  • What if you could have some or ALL of these?
  • Better relationship and hotter sex
  • More self confidence
  • More fun, play and joy
  • More energy and aliveness
  • Feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful
  • Clearer understanding of what works with men
  • Clearer understanding of what works with you!

Then come out and have some much needed fun and play as we commune as only women can, to deeply discover the mysterious magic you have and are.

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Julie Ward, Relationship Counsellor
Organizer of Feminine Attraction Secrets

juliewardAs an Intimate Relationship counsellor and workshop facilitator, she passionately works with women who wish to experience more connection and deeper intimacy; specializing in teaching women how to let go of fear, shame and judgment to heal their pasts and reclaim their feminine and sexual Selves, through private sessions, intensives and process groups.

Her Promise
Clients will experience more confidence, trust and build empowered self-esteem with healthy boundaries through her experiential and embodiment coaching practices in service to have relationships they love.

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