The Pros and Cons of a Summer Wedding

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If you have recently gotten engaged, and don’t want an especially long engagement but do want to have enough time to plan the perfect event, it can look very tempting to hold your wedding next summer. After all, summer is generally thought of as ‘wedding season’, and the idea of having (almost) guaranteed good weather on your big day can also be a big redeeming factor. However, as well as the advantages, there are also some drawbacks to a summer wedding that you’ll need to think about.
Here, we weigh up the pros and cons of holding your wedding at the height of summer, in July or August:

Pro: You Can Do More Outdoors

With summer weather, you can plan for more of your wedding’s features to be outside, including beautiful outdoor photographs in the summer weather. Take a look at this important link OlgaTopchii to see some of her work. A reception that allows people to celebrate in the outdoor grounds of your venue as well as indoors. If you are interested in actually getting married outside, for instance on a beach, in a park or in your own garden, then you are almost certainly going to want the summer weather, too.

Con: A Rainy Day Can Ruin Your Plans Far More

If you have planned a fall, winter or even spring wedding you have likely assumed the weather will not be suitable for an outdoor party or lots of things going on outside. This means if it does happen to rain, it is not going to make any difference. If you have planned your wedding picturing a beautiful sunny day, and your day arrives as one of those summer days that is stormy and wet, then it could throw everything into disarray. The odds of this happening will depend very much on where you live, but it is worth bearing in mind that even in summer, perfect weather is not guaranteed, so don’t make it too important to your wedding and have good back up plans in place for the outdoor elements.

Pro: You Won’t Need To Worry About Keeping Warm

If your dream wedding dress doesn’t feature a big old wrap over your shoulders, a shrug or a full on jacket, then a summer wedding will let you bare your shoulders and arms without turning blue while you’re going down the aisle. While there are some gorgeous ways to make a cold weather wedding dress look amazing, and you can of course make sure all of the gorgeous venue locations you consider are well heated, if you want a traditional wedding dress it is likely you’ll not be thinking too much about jackets or cover ups!

Con: You Will Need to Worry About Keeping Cool

While the dress of your dreams may leave you showing some skin on your arms, neck and shoulders, wedding dresses can be heavy and feature a lot of layers. For a summer wedding, you may not want to go for a colossal ball gown style simply to avoid looking and feeling like a hot sweaty mess on a scorching summer day when you’d be hot in even a bikini!

Pro: It Is Wedding Season!

Summer is the time people most associate with weddings, and so it can feel good to have your big day at a time when everybody has weddings on their mind and has picked out a great outfit to wear because they are expecting invites to several weddings throughout the season. People are in a festive, summery mood and really ready to be throwing confetti at some newlyweds!

Con: It Is Wedding Season!

The trouble with wedding season is, a lot of your guests will have a spot of wedding fatigue. It can feel, especially in your late twenties and early thirties, like someone you know is getting married every week, and this can dampen your enthusiasm as attending every wedding costs you money and stops you from making other plans. People may have already spent a fortune on wedding gifts and hotel stays, and while they may be delighted for you still, you just can’t expect the same level of excitement as if yours was the only wedding they were attending in the near future. Also, do you really want to be just ‘another wedding’ to your friends, or do you want to be the highlight of the season?

When you consider everything, a summer wedding is not as obvious a choice as it might seem, and you will of course also face higher demand for venues. Weigh everything up before you set a date, and don’t forget how magical a winter wedding can be!

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