Should you allow your staff to vape or use e-cigs at work?

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ecigs Entrepreneur Dilemmas – Should You Provide a Place for People to Vape Outside Your Workplace? Should you allow your staff to vape or use e-cigs at work? This is just as big of a question as whether or not to allow people to smoke outside of the office building today. Unfortunately, this is all a bit of a hazy issue for most employers and employees today. Those who don’t want to allow smoking outside of their business aren’t sure about whether to allow employees to turn on their battery-powered e-cigs in the office either. Who Forbids Vaping and E-Cigs in Their Businesses? Companies like CVS Caremark Corp, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart have all banned smoking on their premises. One company, United Parcel Service Inc., has even gone so far as to charge e-cigarette users the same $150 extra in monthly insurance premiums they require non-union tobacco to pay. Furthermore, 24 states and D.C. have all banned smoking in the workplace, but only New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota have included e-cigarettes in those laws. Who Allows Vaping and E-Cigs in Their Businesses? Although it seems as though many businesses forbid their employees to vape or use e-cigs in their office today, you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn about all those who do allow it. Companies like Exxon Mobil Corp. and McDonald’s allow employees to vape in designated smoking areas. Speaking of McDonald’s, as you’re handing food, no one wants to smell the scent of smoke and fries when they’re eating. So maybe considering getting a vape starter kit (if this is your preferred method of quitting smoking) could help you give up this bad habit. And I’m sure people would rather smell strawberry smoke than tobacco filled smoke.
Why the Great Debate? You’re probably wondering why there’s so much debate whether you can vape or use e-cigs at work. While part of it lies in the fact the FDA still hasn’t made their final ruling on e-cig use, the issue is actually much bigger and broader than that. There’s also the fact that some of your coworkers may find vaping unsettling. Many people, perhaps wrongly, believe that e-cigs are just as disruptive as traditional cigarettes, especially since so many of the e-cigarettes in use today look like a regular cigarette. Without knowledge about e-cigs, many people are unable to see their benefits. Whether you’re vaping using an cbd fx pen or using an E-Cig, this issue has many different opinions. It might be worth looking into if your staff member is using something similar to an indica oil pen for health reasons or just recreational reasons before making such a decision. Although coworkers may be hesitant to see other members of the staff smoking in the workplace, some employers feel differently. Some have even gone so far as to say that since they’ve allowed vaping in their workplace they’ve seen their employees become much more productive. This is mere opinion, however, since nobody has conducted a study in this regard yet. Hopefully researchers will conduct such a study in the future so they can put this issue to rest once and for all. 2 Reasons Why Vaping and E-Cigs Are Typically Banned in the Workplace Why are companies making such drastically different decisions about the vaping issue? There are actually two main reasons for this: First of all, many states, counties and municipalities have laws against smoking in the workplace and this includes using e-cigs (e.g. New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota). Many people believe other states will also adopt this legislation in the future. When this occurs more companies will have to ban e-cig use in the workplace. Secondly, some companies feel as though e-cigs have a negative impact on their brand’s image. So, they don’t want people to see their employees using them when they first walk into their business. These businesses are afraid customers who are uncomfortable with this will simply take their business elsewhere. Of course, those businesses who allow vaping in their workplaces also risk losing some of their best employees to other businesses who don’t allow it. The Best E-cigs for Work For those who can smoke e-cigs at work, you should know you can find ecigs online. There are a lot of them to choose from including those that are small and look like cigarettes; ones that are somewhat bigger, about the size of a pen; and even larger models that enable you to control the strength and quality of vape that you receive. A smaller model with a charging device is likely to be the best option for most members of staff, but of course it depends on preference and whether you are willing to let your employees charge up their device if they need to. Now that you’ve seen both sides of this issue, you can make up your own mind about whether or not to allow vaping inside your workplace, or whether to request your employees to vape outdoors. Unfortunately, whatever you choose to do, some employees will agree with you and others won’t, so take the time to come up with a decision and talk it through with your employees before setting any firm rules in place.

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