Young Woman’s Guide Improving High-Stakes Testing Results

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From a young age, students must take standardized tests for academic advancement or societal accolades. A test score can stand between a student and her dream university or will decide whether she has the freedom to drive. It is imperative that young women adequately prepare for high-stakes tests, so they can surge forward and achieve greatness. Here are some of the most common tests a young woman may encounter in her adolescence and methods to help her succeed.

Academic Standardized Tests

Standardized testing can oftentimes feel overwhelming for a student and she may experience distress when she faces academic evaluation. Students will achieve the highest scores with a calm and focused mind. Any stress can have detrimental effects and mess up her focus. It is important to practice relaxation techniques, like deep breathing and visualization, to deflect stress. Also combat any anxiety with affirmative thoughts to enhance confidence.

She should be equipped with basic test-taking strategies for optimum performance. The book, “Teaching Adolescents with Learning Disabilities” outlines test strategies that help students achieve higher scores.

The book introduces the acronym, PIRATES, as a strategy for testing taking.

P– Prepare to succeed (put your name and PIRATES at the top of the test).

I– Inspect the instructions.

R– Read, remember, reduce.

A– Answer or abandon.

T– Turn back.

E– Estimate. Avoid absolutes, choose the longest or most detailed choice and eliminate similar choices.

S– Survey.

Driver’s Theory

A driver’s theory test has very specific questions that require an enhanced knowledge of driving laws. The best method of preparation for a driver’s test is through dedicated studying. A valuable resource that contains information about road signs and road rules will be a state’s road manual, which is available online or in print form at the local DMV. There are many nuanced facts the driver must memorise so flashcards can be a helpful study aid. Once it seems there’s a good grasp on the basic rules, she should challenge her knowledge with an online practice test. There are a number of free permit and license practice tests online. Studying for a license or permit should begin a few months before the test and should intensify in frequency as the test day nears.

College Entrance Exams

College entrance exams can bolster an applicant’s desirability and enhance the chances of acceptance. The student should double-check her college admission requirements for the specific colleges she’s interested in. A college might prefer one test over another, so it is important that time isn’t wasted on the wrong test. Preparation for entrance exams should begin as early as possible, at least one or two years before the test date. A student can take pre-tests though a test prep company or online. It is recommended that the preliminary tests are taken in the years before the main test. There are a number of books and software that serve as valuable study resources, which can be found at most local bookstores or online. There are test preparation classes offered at learning centres, as well as community colleges.

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