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A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this powerful woman leader that is devoting her life to the creation and sustenance of World Peace and Mother Earth, is one of our world’s supreme connectors, facilitators and more …




Lisa Clapier


I do what I do… I want my children, a mother of seven, to know their lives are worth everything to me!

lisalovetheworldI was raised being told my good thoughts, good deeds, and good actions would be rewarded.

I believe in this providence, until everyone living on our precious Mother Earth, are born into dignity and honour for the mere virtue they are a living spiritual being in a physical body, breathing free!

I am dedicated to restoring all that the Earth gifts to us for free: free primal waters, pure clean air, free energy, and natural, organic food… until it is free again to every human being, born on Earth. These natural resources, and organic natural laws, belong to everyone who lives on Earth!
Lisa Clapier, author of ‘Handbook to Freedom,’ a clearing practice she designed for herself, during her own experience with the social justice system and how they treat mothers. This e-handbook, she gifts for free, after having witnessed it success on hundreds of mothers, healing post-traumatic stress, grief, loss, shame and guilt, most of them over their children where patriarchy enacted injustice upon them.

Witnessing this type of trauma to a culture’s mothers, completely unnecessary and unsustainable to any nations future, began her own primal response to restoring justice, through honor, Truth, and dignity… and she does it through media. Her work now includes being a catalyst for conscious evolution by escorting other leaders to each other, while curating their evolutionary best practices and solutions, towards a thriving world that works for all, in harmony with nature. She models and fosters sustainable, compassionate behaviour, inspiring how we honour, take care of, and heal the social justice system (from those incarcerated to those in charge).

Lisa hosts ‘The Making Of World Peace’ a daily segment she produces to keep her audience (to date over 100 million viewers), up to speed on the progress of Universal world peace. Lisa is also former Host of ‘The Torch’ a TV show reporting on humanity’s greatness. Lisa is also a part of three documentaries, currently in production, topics on ‘Universal peace, peace media and ending homelessness.’

“In my experience incarceration is mental health and it simply isn’t acceptable behaviour as a society, to care for our brothers and sisters who need our help, with punishment and condemnation. This only fragments more, the individual and our social fabric, and is unsustainable. We are in a time where we have enough knowledge, compassion, resources, and tools to heal social injustice. This is not activism, this is love. And what else would love do?”


“This earth ethic behaviour works across all cross-sections of society and within any culture (from money to education). Love, beauty and positive solutions lead all human beings, no matter where they are in their own personal development. When something is truly beautiful, everyone agrees!”


Transmedia Producer

Lisa Clapier is a live broadcast trans-media producer and lives in Los Angeles. Lisa’s passion is broadcasting a culture of peace in 360 degree natural dome trans-media environments.

Lisa’s expertise is curating evolutionary best practices in art, media, entertainment, and technology across broadcast platforms towards global solutions.

Co-Founder of Unify, Global moments of prayer, meditation and silence for peace, led Lisa to launch, a 24/7 free global broadcast, promoting a culture of peace.

Lisa has been an original organizer of many global movements, her favorite saying “Appreciation Appreciates!”

The second instalment of a micro documentary by Daniel G. Ballard, October 17, 2012 (one month anniversary for OWS NYC and Day 17 for Occupy Los Angeles) with Media Producer Lisa Clapier, an original media organizer, member of Occupy Los Angeles Media Committee.

Lisa was the Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles Media producer. OWS LA was the first occupation in the history of America, to have its local governance stand in solidarity, with its citizens. Lisa was the women involved in working harmoniously with the Mayor and city councilmen, near the beginning of OWS LA LA’s Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and some of the city council, along with lawyer Noel Weiss, came to the media tent, to find Lisa, shake her hand, and announced on camera their intention to stand in solidarity with it’s citizens. A city resolution was passed as a result.

Lisa continued to be a voice for women, during OWS in Los Angeles by continuing her relationship with the Mayors Office and the Los Angeles Police Department to peacefully coordinate actions, marches, and protests. ‘It’s amazing producing actions in LA, the local governance and services are used to it, it’s more about safety and coordinating routes that offer the lowest risk to life, I have appreciated these relationships I have fostered, through my service to their families peace future too. Why we all get along and are purposeful about the legacy we are leaving together!

We are a City after all, a community of brothers and sisters, even in LA. Now through WP1 the best of what was inspired during Occupy is being realized. We are working with Mayor Garcetti’s office (Garcetti was a City councilman during OWS and supportive) and WP1 has six city blocks, in disadvantaged communities we will be able to offer education and resources towards ending poverty, homelessness, by offering community-based education and resources, community gardens, and more.’

motherearthI believe in this providence, until everyone living being on our precious Mother Earth, are born into dignity and honour for the mere virtue they are a living spiritual being in a physical body, breathing free on this Earth!

Lisa hosts ‘The Making Of World Peace’ a daily segment she produces to keep her audience (to date over 100 million viewers), up to speed on the progress of Universal world peace. Lisa is also former Host of ‘The Torch’ a TV show reporting on humanity’s greatness. Lisa is also a part of three documentaries, currently in production, topics on ‘Universal peace, peace media and ending homelessness.’

Lisa is Executive Producer of a new trilogy Animanga feature film and will be debuting a WP1 Education Hope Dome in Los Angeles this fall. The dome and her studios will feature a culture of peace museum and exhibit in leading visual arts like virtual reality augmented glasses/experiences, hologram technology, light, sound and a 360-degree multimedia Hope Dome, offering visitors (will be open to the public) and students, a visceral immersion into a ‘Peace Experience.’

BEBRAVE “My passion is producing in 360-degree virtual reality, multmedia domes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a kinetic experience within the pictures, is worth more, as a person can literally experience paradise, from another location on Earth, in real-time… and ‘feel’ like you are there!

A cross-global production experience!” The iconic ‘Hope Domes’ of WP1 Education CBE Media Labs, a global network of youth creators is how Lisa’s vision has contributed to World Peace One (WP1).

Lisa is WP1 Trans-media producer, leading the new story of our collective future, within these 360-degree domes in universities globally, modelling how we can live in harmony with nature, in a thriving world that works for all, globally collaborating, exchanging free ideas, together through celebration! These WP1 Education CBE media lab ‘Hope Domes’ are permanent festival installs, at Universities globally, in partnership with UCLA Extension.

“I have designed a curation system, through rewards of meritocracy, ethical intelligent behaviour and results, in harmony with natures way of allocating and rewarding evolutionary best practices and solutions, towards a world that works for all! I designed it on the sacred geometry of life, at it’s core the trinity, which translates into the transparent exchange of giving, receiving, and shared (measured) result.

What else would love, peace, and wisdom do?

I model this gift economy, a sharing society of relief, anyone can receive and participate, it’s free:”

Watch 24/7 for free, a culture of peace broadcast at

‘After Occupy I wanted to support what works for all… what does the whole planet, every single person actually ‘agree’ on? Prayer, Meditation, Silence! So I responded to a friends invitation Patrick Kronfli who was coordinating meditations, medmobs (like flash mobs) at US city capital buildings and we Co-Founded Unify with some friends – global synchronizes moments of prayer, meditation, and silence. I still broadcast on the same channel, I have kept it broadcasting 24/7 since Lynne McTaggart’s Peace Experiement 9/11/2011.

At the end of that experiment, the same exact day actually, OWS NYC began 9/18/2011. After Occupy, around January 2012 I elevated all the media and only curated solutions, positive actions, elevating ideas (it was a result of researching all the analytics and discovering people’s viewing behaviors, what they ‘like to watch’)… then I broadcast our first global Unify action 3-days over December 20-22, 2012 (including Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Birth 2012 Event on the 3rd day) and reached our largest audience and the channel has been running 24/7 as a culture of peace broadcast, every since.

I have maintained a live 3-day broadcast every Equinox and Solstice since. I go live other times too, I broadcast for the UN’s PeaceDay and have for five years, as well as UN peace events, specifically those of the First Nation’s Chief’s, Elders, and Grandmothers. This channel did broadcast OWS, it broadcasts Unify’s global moments, and more – a Culture of Peace broadcast, 24/7 free.

You could say, the Hope Domes through WP1 Education, are my global action towards realizing peace, as their geodesic design maximizes the heart hertz of the earth, and I couldn’t think of any more effective way, in realizing a new world than putting peace children within the loving arms of the Mother Earth’s own hertz! Inspiring them, supporting them, and giving them the best tech in media and art… in co-create humanities future stories, a thriving world that works for all, in harmony with nature. What patriarchy can argue with this One Goal!’

As part of an initiative in establishing a trans-media platform in South Sudan in 2012 ‘Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Project,’ Lisa has been consultative status for UN’s Economic and Civil Society since. And you can expect Lisa will be implementing new global peace broadcast protocol… very soon!

Lisa’s new book ‘Unify Evolution’ will be available Fall 2015.

Lisa also assisted Miley Cyrus in her last year’s MTV VMA awards ‘Ending LA Youth Homelessness.’ Miley invited Jesse Helt, a homeless youth in LA, to accept her MTV Video of the Year award, which raised millions in response, launching Miley’s Happy Hippies Foundation and is now providing amazing tools, resources, solutions and help to wonderful youth like Jesse and more. Jesse receives the benefits of this relationship and attended his first WP1 Education course Spring 2015, where he received his first college credits. Jesse interns with Lisa and joins her in the Los Angeles studios and WP1 Education classes this Fall.


world-peace-oneLisa Clapier WP1 Transmedia Producer and Executive Producer
Lisa’s Culture of Peace Broadcast

  • World Peace One
    A Universal Peace Initiative of Claes Nobel, patriarch of the Nobel Peace Prize Family and Live Aid team members.
  • Claes Nobel’s website.
  • Mr. Nobel announced WP1 ironically 1-year ago from the Summit date Sept 20, 2014.

WP1Concerts will be where the premier projects, innovators, creative artists, ideas, solutions, and musicians will meet, to share the broadcast, stage, and celebrations towards this year becoming the first year as Universal Peace the Global Goal = World Peace One!

WP1Education is where the ‘Best Of’ becomes peace curriculum for the youth of the future. Every Peace Mother now has a global education platform for their peace child, what father will argue with that beautiful, elegant, delightful solution! – Global Women’s Dialogue Platform

Formerly, AmericaSpeaks technology, the AmericaSpeaks founder and team still work with Mike, OneCounts now stewards the technology (Mike was AmericaSpeaks top producer). launched Mother’s Day 2014 by Lisa Clapier and Michael Smith

June 21, 2014 Michael Smith launched the platform from Eve’s Calendar (formerly Adam’s Calendar) at Ubuntu, in South Africa while Lisa broadcast a globally Unify broadcast via
June 21, 2015 another core team held ceremony at this same location.

Supporting the following events: 

  • WP1 Syrian Refugee Relief Campaign, will announce Sept 2015.
  • WP1 has a small concert planned for October 2015 in Los Angeles.
  • WP1 has a massive SuperConcert (many locations all over the world) March 2016.

The world that exists is not a reflection of the Paradise on Earth that could exist, if living in harmony with nature were honoured. When girls, women and especially Mothers are honoured for the sacred role they hold within a family, a community, a city, a nation, and a legacy… peace will reign upon Earth, I have no doubt!



A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this powerhouse into our global alumni with open arms, looking forward to future collaborations, bettering the lives of all women and children, focusing on world peace and the empowerment of all women through collaboration of global events.


Brava Lisa!


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