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My Picture 1Tameshia Holleman, Founder of Red.Ish says: “People know me as the aggressive worker, the perfectionist or the “thinker.” But honestly, I am just a woman with a goal, putting her visions into action. Above everything I am a devoted and fulltime mother of 3 lovely children, residing in Greensboro, NC. In addition, I am a fulltime graduate student focusing on clinical psychology, and I run a fulltime graphic design business.

Aside from all of my working and nurturing, I enjoy meditation tactics to help me realign my life after a long day or week. It keeps me focused on the big picture. My tactics include volunteering at homeless shelters and advocating for a good cause, which keeps me humbled; cycling to keep me active and fit; and traveling to nowhere to bring my thoughts together.

Giving back is a huge part of my daily balance to life. I truly believe that in order to make this world “go round” we must keep spinning its wheel. And that is through the simple elements of kindness, support and leadership. My overall goal in life is to help others achieve skills and knowledge necessary to win in life, and reach their potential. It’s not about me. It’s about the people I can impact in a positive way.”

Red.Ish Magazine is our purpose and soul of Philanthropy.

Our way of giving back to the community is supporting those driven in their business endeavors with a platform offering a wealth of information.

Ready to Grow and Develop Your Business?

Find our magazine and social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, & Google Blog) a huge significance in your business purpose. Our focus for the entrepreneur is research and finding ways to better connect like-minded individuals for further collaborations; which result in building a team of credible sources to our database.

Who’s Providing Us Material?

redish coming in AugustExperts in their business field are our target for quality tips, guides, best business practices, business strategies, success stories, and all information worth sharing to our business readers. We seek those that are currently walking in their journey to success because we believe that people in this phase are still available and connectable for pertinent information.

Our strategy is simple…domino effect.

When a person reaches the next level in business success the information they can provide Red.Ish magazine is still fresh.

We collect all of that “freshness” and distribute it to the readers. The point is, we don’t want the after success information. We need the pre and during success information, while he/she are still available and willing to share the juicy news!

Our Overall Tactic!

To help guide serious business minded individuals into their visions and to provide material that is effective to their situation, in the NOW.

Our positive entrepreneurial magazine is geared to those that F.O.C.U.S. – Follow One Course Until Successful. Your focus should be Red.Ish because we can help you get to where you want to go.


We are known for saying “It’s just uncalled for!” So, what’s uncalled for? The impact that other businesses inflict on hungry entrepreneurs.

That’s uncalled for.

This means in advertisement, products and services and traditional decency. Red.Ish, we do not need to be so pushy… we have all heard the story of the tortoise and the rabbit, right? Enough said. We partner with our advertisers as well to provide our readers great deals. Our motto is: Why start your business in the negative? People of today have this misconception that cheap actually means cheap products or services. That couldn’t be furthest from the truth. It’s called practicing best business practices and strategies that will help EVERYONE. Our advice…look outward, not inward all the time.

So, What is Our Primary Focus, Again?

To focus our attention on entrepreneurs in development and growth stages. Red.Ish magazine is a home to feel inspired to reach out to other professionals parallel to the other. It’s a place where one do not feel they have overcome the “little” people, so much that they are not available to provide sound and quality advice and key elements to success, advertise or link up with other “small” companies, and basically, feel they are at a level where they can’t ‘”look back” to those small entities they once were.


Offical Redish Magazine Cover

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