Why Corporate Social Responsibility is Vital

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No matter what size your business is, it is important to think about the environment you do business in and the duty of care you have towards it. Corporate social responsibility is the conscience of a business – the pledge to protect the lives and the livelihoods of the wider community in which the business operates.

It may sound cynical but it is also vital that your business is not only doing the right thing but that it is seen to be doing the right thing. In these times of corporate transparency, it is essential for reputation to employ an ethical approach. Here are some companies doing great work:

Do Good Buy Us

This company sell “goods that do good” and bring a unique spin to the e-commerce marketplace with their emphasis on supporting social causes. Every product they sell is produced by a company dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. Additionally, 50 percent of the company’s proceeds are directed towards fighting poverty, hunger and disease.

Aggreko Aggreko are an international company specialising in the provision of power generators, loadbanks and temperature control. In Africa 2007, they partnered with the charity Book Aid International in order to promote literacy and learning, which saw 23,000 books distributed in seven countries, including Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. One of their most recent social projects saw the company working together with a local community in Panama to fix the Vista Hermosa School in Cerro Azul, to ensure a cleaner, more welcoming school for all 865 students and teachers.

Out of Africa

This cosmetics company produces shea-butter skin care products whilst looking out for the interests of West African women and children. Profits are donated in part to organizations that provide education and medical care to children and the company regularly donates to innovative cooperatives that create jobs for women in West Africa.

Social Bite

This Scottish food outlet donates an impressive 100% of its profits towards solving social problems. They donate to both local and international causes including homelessness charities and (at the time of writing) an eye care centre in Bangladesh. This year they have been endorsed by George Clooney and you can even win a chance to have dinner with the great man as part of one of their campaigns.

The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

Communities tend to trust socially responsible businesses and will see them as companies that care about the local community and are true to their word. They may refer the company to their friends and family and welcome further work in their community.

This trust is vital for companies. Developing a good relationship with the local community leaves a lasting and positive legacy which is something that money simply cannot buy.

Image by zabaraorg used under Creative Commons license.

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