Recalibration of Self, Lee Carroll

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Energy – A Misunderstood Concept

Energy by itself is very difficult to define or explain. Often, when Humans talk about energy, it is that which pulsates linearly through wires in a multi-phase system, such as your electricity. That’s not what we’re talking about. The energy we speak of is not singular information. It is not three-dimensional, but rather it is a multidimensional attribute all around you of a confluence of Earth and consciousness and it brings about that which you call manifestation.

You were born in a certain energy. We speak of the grids of the planet being in a certain energy, but it’s not well defined. You may walk into a room and say, “Well, the energy does not feel good in here today.” Another day you’ll walk in and you’ll say, “Wow, did you feel the energy today?” If someone pressed you to define this, you might have trouble. Yet you use the word to mean both positive and negative things, for you understand it’s polarized.

betweentheworldslgWhat I’m about to speak about in this lesson refers to the energy that you are used to on the earth, whatever that means to you. It’s the energy that you live in, work in, meditate in, and worship in – and this energy is changing.

This affects what you consider to be normal, for it represents your comfort zone. So if we could give you any kind of energy advice, we would say, “Expect normal to change.” That’s hard to do.

The Human Being survives knowing where normal is supposed to reside and feel like. When you walk from A to B, you expect certain things – the air you breathe, the gravity you experience, the magnetics that your cells are used to via the grid. What if I told you that many of those things won’t be the same? But the only thing you are truly aware of as a Human Being is that something is different. Some of you may walk around saying, “The energy feels odd today.” It’s more than odd. It’s recalibrating.

The Recalibration of Humanity

leeIn “The Recalibration of Humanity 2012 and Beyond,” Kryon Book 13, Lee Carroll presents the latest Kryon channelings.

In case you are not familiar with Lee Carroll or Kryon, Lee has been channeling Kryon for 25 years worldwide, including seven times at the U.N., and the books have been translated across the globe. Lee Carroll humbly says: “Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information.”

As a wise spiritual entity,
Kryon shares a message of inspirational angelic proportions.

Recalibration of Self-Worth

Now we bring up the point of who the Lightworker is. The recalibration of self is going to be the recalibration of self-worth. Now, we’ve said it briefly before, but the Lightworker is afraid of the dark. It’s because the dark has beat you up every lifetime, hasn’t it? So we sit in a room of old souls who have come into this life yet again fearing what the dark energy might bring for them. But you came anyway, and you came in without knowing what was going to happen. There were many prophets who said you wouldn’t make it past 2000.

Now you are in 2015! Every time you arrive, the dark energy seems to be against you.

kryon victim or victorWhen I first arrived and presented myself to my partner, it was slightly after the Harmonic Convergence. I told my partner I was here because of what humanity had done. I told my partner I would not have been here otherwise, for there was nothing to teach, that you would not have made it.

Does it make sense that I would arrive to teach you for 25 years then you all die horribly? No! I arrived because of the potentials of what are happening right now.

Those who were astute and who had felt the Kryon energy come into the planet knew why I had arrived. I represented an entire entourage coming to share the good news with old souls, to be their cheering section, because they had turned the energy of doom around. Against all odds, it had changed.

The Soviet Union had fallen over, a huge geopolitical event that had not been predicted anywhere! It disarmed the potential Armageddon of the planet. Other things started to move in directions that had no predictions anywhere in the past. There would have to be guidance and direction for this very day that you sit here. It would be a recalibration of your survival instinct and of what you think is real. This is the task for you now, if you’re able to cope with the recalibration or whether you’re always looking over your shoulder, wondering when the old “normal” is going to return.

The Story of the Old Soul

KRYON AKASHSo this message is one of three, and it’s an encouragement and an acknowledgment of who an old soul is and why this person needs to know what we have to tell them. So we will just lay it out there for you to see: The oldest souls in this room and hearing this have been through the worst of the worst. Every lifetime that is written upon your DNA’s quantum Akashic memory carries engrams of emotion.

You came into the world expecting it to do what it always did. As soon as you started awakening to the truth that you carried in the past, you knew you might have to hide yet again.

You might have blocked this from your memory, but it was there, embedded in the Akash. Some of you not too far from here were burned at the stake. Some of you came back and it all happened again! How many lifetimes does it take, shaman, before you sit and say, “I’m not going to do this again”?

You awakened in a modern society this time. Now you are a Lightworker, but you say, “I’m going to go to the esoteric meetings, but I’m not going to tell others I’m going. Because I’m not going to go through that again.” You’re careful who you tell about what you believe, because you’re tired of swimming upstream and having the current beat you back against the rocks. You’re tired of losing family and friends or even jobs because you happen to believe that God is inside you. That is the story of the old soul who is here in the room and listening to these words.

However, the result of all this is an old soul who comes and stands tall as a Lightworker on Earth, but who also lacks self-worth. That’s an oxymoron! How can you have a lighthouse that’s uncertain of its own light or if it’s doing anything worthwhile? Will the waves come and knock the light out? But that’s who is in front of me and listening now, because you’re all that way! You can’t help it. Your past is your past.

MANIFESTThis turnaround of energy on the planet cannot instantly create giants and heroes of self-worth, especially among those who have practiced in the old energy for so many years. Perhaps you think you are ready for this shift? You are not – not for the energy that’s coming. That’s what we want to also address.

There is something coming where you will be able to manifest things only dreamed of, but it’s going to take belief, realignment, and new understanding. You are going to have to start some basic survival perceptions that require you to understand that, dimensionally, you are more powerful in areas you cannot see than the ones you can. You weren’t taught this in school or by your mother, and you have never practiced this. That’s where you stand at this moment. “Well then, what’s going to happen, Kryon?” The answer is that you’re going to have to want to change. If you do not actively attempt to change, you will always be floating on the surface like the old oil.


PTSD and Recalibration

PTSD, Kryon teaches that our entire galaxy is undergoing a shift (a recalibration) and we who are literally made of its stardust are shifting with it. This is a shift that the unobservant might not notice and to that end Kryon leads us through this auspicious time for humanity. The shifts are not merely coming out of the blue, but are predictable on a cosmic scale. Gregg Braden in his book “Gregg Braden – Fractal Time. The Secret of 2012 and a New World AgeFractal Time” so aptly observes that time is cyclical and made up of repeating fractals of energy which cause peaks and lows of energetic behavior in all of existence.

kryon ptsdWe are now in a peak shift supporting us to recalibrate the way we think, and choose to be.

The whole of humanity suffers from PTSD.

Shocking? What is more shocking is that the P does not stand for post-traumatic, but for present trauma, happening here and now right under our noses and we do not even see it. This stress permeates us as we build our lives around a belief system that is not in line with our essence and thus causes a definite trauma at the very core of our being.

We are assailed continually with news of plight and pain, war and disaster, anger and demonization of the other. We minimize our self-worth and are nudged and cajoled to give away our power. We forget that we carry the god-force within us and that our nature is not made for repetitive drama, nor for leaks and pollution of our core essence.

We are instead made of the energies of a gentle flow and Kryon reminds us of this and shows us the grander sweep of a bigger picture. We find it difficult to see, however, for we cling to our inbred beliefs. Is it any wonder we have stress?

Dark and light

Kryon explains that we have misunderstood dark and light, getting them mixed up with good and evil. Think bogeymen and bad guys. Think devil, fear of the other, of government. Kryon explains that light and dark are energies having no intelligence or intent and are not to be feared for they work on an internal system of balancing. Understanding the distinctions of such a seemingly small item can make a big difference in how we handle our recalibration process.

The internal essence of matter and energy is shifting toward the light and you and I are shifting with it. This means that we are floating in a different sea than ever before, feeling the rocking and roiling of the waves in a different way. Like saltwater fish now in freshwater, we need to recalibrate in order to breathe again. The news is that recalibration need not be painful, and Kryon gives us step-by-step guidance.


In summary

kryon book 13According to Lee, this simple little book includes how love works, how dark and light are changing, our relationship to spirit and to Gaia, what real wisdom looks like, what the future may hold and the changes in our personal lives in the next 18 years.

It is inspiring, soothing and wise and supports one in building new beliefs based on inner peace.

What’s not to like about all that? Kryon tells us that shift is afoot and that shifting energies are supporting us.

I say, “Go for it!”

1] Is it possible that we have actually turned a significant corner in the evolution of Humanity?
2] When you look at the news and current events, does it seem extra crazy right now?

Join author/channeller Lee Carroll and Kryon as they unravel the history behind what is happening, and present the many facets of the details. Is it possible that the entire reason for Kryon’s being here is because of what we just did? Is all this too strange for you?

The Ancients foretold of this time, and it’s in the Mayan Calendar as well.

So what does it mean?
Is everything we know and have studied going to change? What are the new “rules” of reality? Are there now new prophecies?

Lee Carroll 150The answers are all here in this book.

For Kryon says that this is the beginning of the New Earth.

The recalibration of self.
The recalibration of dark and light.
The recalibration of Gaia and the future
New Inventions coming…

Plus… comments and thoughts by Lee about the entire situation and his 25-year adventure as the original Kryon channel for the planet.

“The Recalibration of Humanity 2012 and Beyond.” Kryon Book 13, The Kryon Writings, Inc. 2013.

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