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Sharleez Thanga is one of our very own core women supporters, a Mini-Sponsor to our last International Women’s Day Summit 2015 and is now here to share her beauty and grace with the Women of our World. Showcasing her Amazing Concept Bridal Design.


About the company
Sharleez Concept Bridal Design House provides an entirely unique experience in the creation of your ultimate dream bridal gown.

Our dream is to provide a wedding gown for the modern woman, made to reflect her wedding vision and to express her unique personality and sense of style.

Our Vision
Our dream is to provide a wedding gown for the modern woman, made to reflect her wedding vision and to express her unique personality and sense of style.

Beautiful Designs
At the Sharleez Concept Bridal Design House, we design and create classy and unique bridal gowns to suit any wedding: traditional, modern, cultural, and everything in between. Each dress is made from exclusive materials, including bridal silks, vintage laces, embroidered organza and hand-crafted beading.

Elegant Artistry
Whichever style of bridal gown you choose, it is sure to add a touch of radiance to your wedding! Each gown we make starts as a design concept and is made from scratch to reflect your body type, personality, culture, inspiration, and wedding theme.

Our Promise
We will not compromise on the quality and service we provide to our clients, and we will always maintain very competent prices for our work. We have an excellent team of designers and tailors who put their craftsmanship and unique ideas together with quality materials to produce magnificent gowns to appeal to any taste, from traditional to couture!

Sharleez-concepts1My Profile
Ever since I was young, I’ve believed that every woman deserves to be dressed in her own unique and glamorous way, and I’ve had a passion to make it happen. This developed into a passion for designing and creating bridal gowns; as such an important piece of fashion, it reflects the bride’s own story and tastes like no other. I am so proud to be a woman, and no matter how the times change, I believe a bride’s special day should never be compromised! I love to focus on each bride’s needs, fitting trends and traditions into her own lifestyle.
My Inspiration
I often travel and discover fashion, customs, art and fabrics from all over the world, and these novelties then become my inspiration for my unique gown collections. You’re sure to find the perfect piece for you!
MY Collection
I put my heart and soul into every design I create. I choose exclusive, quality fabrics, beautiful embroidery, and unique bead work that incorporates everything from pearls and stones to Swarovski crystals. Everything is hand-selected and made specifically for each individual gown design.

sketch02Contact Information
TELEPHONE: 905.239.9950
TELEPHONE: 416.802.8110
EMAIL: [email protected]

To view the full collections and for custom designs
Visit studio by appointment only

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