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tayna event feb 9

Event: Communicate Your Expertise to Attract New Clients, Drive Your Profits and Build Your Brand

Date: Monday February 9th 2015

Location: Montecassino Hotel

Address: 3710 Cheswood Dr., North York, ON

Time: 9am to 5pm – Registration is 8:30am

Lunch: Light lunch will be provided

Cost: $249

Information & Value: Priceless


• Uncover your unique message and deliver it with power, purpose and passion.
• Connect to your professional purpose and speak from the voice of credibility, authenticity and contribution.
• Access confidence from the center of your power and speak boldly without engaging the confrontational ego.
• Leverage your passion; ignite enthusiasm and inspire your audience to take action.
• Deliver lessons that are meaningful, relevant and memorable to your target listener.
• Create a memorable emotional experience that gets referrals.
• Learn the fundamentals of adult listening, learning and the science of capturing and sustaining attention span.
• Learn the 5 types of presentations and when to choose the right approach to get results
• Discover the 4 step formula for creating unforgettable keynote and extended presentations.
• Use Powerful Openers – 5 ways that are guaranteed to grab your audience.
• Use Positive Close – 5 ways to close and call your audience to action.
• Create courageous calls to action, motivate your audience to make changes in their lives and the lives of others and much more…

Tanya Chernova Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women

Tanya-Bio“Public Speaking is the #1 way to engage people, influence change and build your personal and professional brand.

Learn to become an impactful thought leader that calls others to action and achieve success.

This course is unlike any other you will ever take to help you harness your power, live your purpose and fuel your passion. Use these proven skills and success formulas to present and influence local and global audiences of all sizes. From technical to inspirational, gain the skills and confidence to reach your full potential as a powerful and professional public speaker.” Tanya Chenova

I’m excited to help you discover your greatness!

Join us on Feb 9th from 9am to 5pm SEATING IS LIMITED


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