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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this human activist, one with a passion for the elimination of violence against women. Her passion fueled by experience, she uses her own story as the catalyst for action, working in the California, USA area of our world, helping women rise above Domestic Abuse.

“We all help each other with our stories of wisdom and love, we weave together a network of information through story telling that transforms lives on a regular basis. When you let someone touch your life, you can in turn pay it forward and help change the world.​ ​”



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Oriah Mirza

Oriah’s life story is an exploration of the human experience. Raised in Los Angeles by an immigrant mother and uneducated father in a strict, religious household, she lived in over twenty different inner cities by the time she was 18. With great resiliency and vision, Oriah broke free of circumstances and became the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college.

Throughout her early life, fighting through violence and abuse, both verbal and physical, was the only means of survival. A mother at 18, and a single mom with 3 children by the time she was 23, Oriah had to support her family, often living in areas where domestic violence, abuse, trauma and poverty were the norm. She began to develop ways to not only survive but to thrive. Her own success system was developing that others could perhaps use too.

oriah been there end of ropeOriah’s story is no more traumatic or less traumatic than the average North American woman. No matter the education, or the culture, the upbringing…violence is violence. Whether it is behind the doors of your own home, or in the streets with a perpetrator, many women are targets. After years of battling early pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, every form of abuse, her self worth was gone.

Diagnosed with PTSD so many times, she stopped counting, medication did not work, she felt herself slipping emotionally and mentally. She felt she was going crazy. By the time she was 33 she had 5 children and lived in over 30 cities. She was on her 4th husband…and she knew that her lifestyle was going to kill her, her body was shutting down.

At the end of her rope, she had been going to Transformational seminars and workshops for the last 6 years of her marriage, and it helped her realize that she had value and she had a voice. That until now, no one ever listened to anything she ever had to say because she was considered herself a reject of society.

Sad girlIt was very difficult to say the least. The children were very upset and anxious, and every day was a challenge, so she continued drinking. By the time she left him at 38 years old, she had suffered serious alcohol poisoning that almost killed her.

She was concerned that she was losing her sanity from her difficult life and anger had consumed her. When she finally left her then husband, she lived on her earnings from her entrepreneurial job as a internal marketing company. She moved from house to house, room to room, taking her children wherever she went when they were with her.

With five children and married five times, her three eldest children are from her first marriage, and her youngest two from her 4th marriage. Through her marketing company, she met husband number five, a psychic medium from New York. She finally began a relationship that was not only healthy but thriving. Healing her wounds from the past she released her beliefs of gender roles and learned how to connect human to human, not only man to woman.

Barbara’s family had given up on her years before, so she moved again to start a new life, changed her name to Oriah, and began studying world religions to gain new perspectives.

oriah healingDuring her husband’s channeling psychic circles, she began listening to the powerful words of wisdom every week and meeting many people. From her new perspective, her eyes began to open to the deep sadness and anger many people carried. She was now able to see others not from her own hostility, but from compassion and love.

She detoxified her body, mind and spirit for 3 years after which, she started a new career in life coaching, it was the natural stage as she wanted to help others who were desperate.

Because she had wanted to attempt suicide, and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so many times that it became a joke. She tried anti-anxiety medication, and didn’t like it, so she stopped after 6 weeks.

Her valuable experiences and history helped form who she is today.

Over two decades, Oriah successfully raised her family while discovering her own pathway from trauma to joy, activating and healing her physical and emotional states in order to release her highest potential and create her desired life.

Founder of the non-profit, Voice Between Worlds, Documentary Filmmaker, Human Rights Activist, Coach, and Empowerment Speaker Oriah Mirza is the woman she has become today. Her passion and dedication to helping people not succumb to mental illness and depression was unmeasured. She did not want to see others go through what she went through, and she knew education was key. Not from a university, but from Awareness and knowing that anyone can choose their reality and turn their life around from the ‘inside out‘.

oriah-onstageHer goal is to bring awareness to the many relationships and individuals behind closed doors that we all know; your sister, brother, friend who is suffering from domestic violence. They are silently suffering from emotional and physical abuse. They don’t want to tell anyone, and they cover it up well. This is for those many many individuals that don’t want to be seen. They are ashamed, because it is not who they are. They do not identify with being abused, it is unnatural for them. They live seemingly normal lives, and only their children know how painful it really is.

She began a mission to help women, especially, find ‘inner peace’, through her own dedication and transformation. She shared her views and insights and began changing lives. Oriah and her husband opened their home to the public and moved to Malibu in 2012.

Since then, they have received over 2000 visitors a year, not including many private clients as well.

Oriah’s clients blossomed.

She herself had experienced domestic violence, as she was violently raped multiple times. She started to realize that everything she had experienced in her life was not in vain, and she was going to show others, especially women in domestic violent arenas how to overcome and heal their wounds and create their lives anew. Now she knew she could help many, many people in the world because of her story and miraculous personal transformation.

‘Finding your voice for your freedom, and the freedom of others.’

This film is also for the children, of all ages, that are helpless to the choices of the parents and adults around them. This film is educational and inspirational, bringing many forms of transformational training and self improvement, and empowerment philosophies that are derived from the wisdom of the ages. We all have in us the innate ability to transform and become the person we were always meant to be.

been the alexandria house

You are never stuck, and it’s never too late. You have a voice, and your voice speaks wisdom when you allow yourself to be free.

Oriah has opened a non profit called Voice Between Worlds, which will be public Spring 2015.

She is raising funds now with crowd sourcing to make this very important film.

Voice Between Worlds is dedicated to raising public awareness of the power of sharing transformational human experiences.

Voice Between Worlds supports creative artists, including filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors, storytellers, and artists of all genres who use film, television, and new media to share their voice and their stories, and who want to reach the world.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-panorama-mountain-landscape-sunset-slovakia-vrsatec-image40370262Through its programs, Voices Between Worlds provides professional, educational and financial resources, creates community, and promotes media created by artists who have a message that empowers, educates, and transforms lives.

Voice Between Worlds provides many services to creative artists working in media to share transformational human experiences. Voice Between Worlds supports artists through grant funding and fiscal sponsorship.

Voice Between Worlds assists artists through promotion and marketing support for media projects, including the organization’s website and social media platforms, screenings, performances, and special events.

Voice Between Worlds connects artists who use media to share transformational human experiences through organizational memberships, mentoring, and networking, as well as educational workshops and seminars on various topics including fundraising, distribution, marketing, storytelling, personal transformation and much more.

Bringing Awareness to Domestic Violence (Been There, fundraising for a new film) from Oriah Miller on Vimeo.

Oriah Mirza is in pre-production with her documentary BEEN THERE an inspirational film about freedom from violence, directed by 2014 Audience Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival, Michael Rossato-Bennett. The mission is to help end domestic violence by telling the story of that integral moment when you realize that violence is no longer an option for you and a passionate will to live violence–free begins.

Oriah hopes her film and advocacy can help change lives through conscious creation. By not using fear and destruction as creative tools for change, but choosing actions and thoughts that feel better and help evolution occur more powerfully and real for each person.

oriah been thereThe film is in the beginning stages of production, and will portray women in various stages of domestic violence,showing Oriah’s life coaching sessions with them along with stories from her past. Women who are in stages of recovery from trafficking to contemporary women living in secret hell will be sharing how they persevered and transformed their lives. Oriah is currently partnered with Alexandria House in Los Angeles, a non profit transitional shelter​.

It is a house of hospitality for women and children in need and a neighborhood center for education, advocacy, and action.

They are also focusing on NFL players who would like to share their perspective.

oriah intelligent creationAs a life coach, Oriah developed a unique most effective and condensed way to quiet the mind and open your heart authentically without fear, teaching others how to acknowledge old patterns and addictions helping transform them into a fresher, more enjoyable and authentically rewarding present-moment experience.

“We all help each other with our stories of wisdom and love, we weave together a network of information through story telling that transforms lives on a regular basis. When you let someone touch your life, you can in turn pay it forward and help change the world.”

Inspiring countless people of all ages, this pioneer mother has devoted her life to share with the world how to create an effortless existence in the professional business consulting, creative and personal realms of life.

“Crawling out of the inner city with multiple schools, cities, and children behind her, Oriah barely made it through 25 years of a traumatic life of victimhood. Oriah educated herself and ended the cycle of destruction, addiction, and violence that had been passed down for generations in her family. Breaking through systems of welfare, labor, emotional and mental trauma which should have ended her life early, she instead persevered with a strong will to live. At 41, now married to her partner and best friend Riz Mirza, they are both passionate about conscious evolution. They share their lives with her five children and hope to affect younger generations with their vivid story-telling and creative perspectives to heal traumatic wounds.”

She is a member of the United Nations Association and Planning Committee Member for the UNA’s Global Citizen of The Year Award. Oriah is an active volunteer working with transitional and domestic violence shelters in LA County, and as a Malibu, CA resident, she will be announcing a bid to run for City Council in the 2016 elections.

oriah screen shotOriah lives in Malibu CA. Her home, popularly known as Red Eagle Ranch, is the center for her own work and that of her husband, psychic medium and channel, Riz Mirza.

Thousands of people have come to the ranch for classes, sessions, readings, and channeling circles since its founding in 2011.

Considered one of the most powerful thinkers of our time, Oriah shares her simple philosophies of self-love and helping others to share their heart and wisdom to many who are suffering in an impactful way.

She is quickly becoming a sought after speaker, mentor and visionary freethinker and brings valuable insight to any community and group effort. Oriah now is in development of a reality TV show with her husband, and is a member of the United Nations Association and Girl Up bringing attention to art and culture with a global message. She has dreamed big, but her dream isn’t stopping there. Now that her children are 22 to 8 years old and surrounded by a loving, caring family committed to their growth and success, she has begun the quest to reach as many women and men as possible through BEEN THERE the documentary.

social-mediaFIND ORIAH HERE:

Oriah Mirza | LinkedIn

Oriah Mirza (@OriahEmpowers) | Twitter

Intelligent Creation by Oriah Mirza – Malibu, CA. – Facebook

Been There, A True Story by Oriah Mirza | Facebook



A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this powerhouse into our global alumni with open arms, looking forward to future collaborations, bettering the lives of all women, especially young women rising up out of the damages of Domestic Abuse.



Brava Oriah!


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