10 Tips, Creating Abundance in 2015

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Abundance will be a major theme in 2015.

This is not just about money, although most of us would like to have more money. This is about abundance in all forms; money, joy, opportunities, synchronicity, love, insights, etc. Yet one of the most common ailments of our society is a consciousness of lack. We tend to focus on what we don’t have or what’s not happening in our lives rather than expressing appreciation for what we do have.

Colorful-Butterfly-WallpaperMillions of people are discovering that they have a Higher Self – an omniscient source of intelligence guiding their lives with meticulous care and wisdom, navigating the right people and situations into view for the highest and best learning potential, and perpetually trying to communicate directly through synchronicity, visions and dreams.

Those who make an accurate, stable connection with their Higher Self truly awaken the genius within – tapping into a limitless reservoir of creativity, intelligence and flawless guidance available to each and every person.

Many artists, poets, musicians and inventors get their best work spontaneously, in sudden bursts of inspiration that arise mysteriously – often in the middle of the night. Yet, few are able to reliably access this ability – it comes and goes, seemingly without warning.

The good news is that our Abundance Consciousness can be healed.

Satisfied with your abundance consciousness?

To help you attract and receive more abundance in the coming year, here are 10 simple acts you can add to your daily routine. Try them all and decide which ones work best for you.

1] Be grateful – The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. When you sincerely appreciate what you have and who you are, you naturally attract more into your life for which you can be grateful. Develop an “attitude of gratitude” and make it part of who you are each day. You may find yourself smiling more.

2] Remind yourself there’s always more – Every time you buy something, make a donation, or pay a bill, say to yourself, “There’s always more where that came from.” As you make this simple act a habit, you’ll consistently remind your subconscious (and the Universe) that you are an abundant being.

3] Focus on what you desire (and not the lack thereof) – The Law of Attraction is not judgmental. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. If this is true, and it is, doesn’t it make sense then to think about what you do want and spend as little energy as possible thinking about what you do not want?

4] Create an abundance jar – This is something my wife and I have been doing for several years and it’s good fun. Set aside a special jar or box to store notes about any abundances you receive throughout the year. It doesn’t matter how big or small the abundance is. Just make a note, fold it up and put in in your special container. At the end of the year, it’s very gratifying to read through all the good things that have happened to you during the year.

5] Reflect upon your abundances at the end of the day – This is great habit to weave into your end-of-day routine. Before you go to sleep, spend a few minutes thinking about all the elements of your day for which you are grateful. Do your best to conjure feelings of gratitude. (I’ve found it’s helpful to practice deep breathing while doing this exercise.)

6] Think about abundance as a flow of energy – Everything in life in energy. When energy flows unimpeded, life unfolds naturally and comfortably. When the flow is stifled or blocked, life can become . . . not-so-enjoyable. Whenever you think about a form of abundance that’s meaningful to you, imagine it being a flow of energy through your body and through your life. Abundance is not fixed or static. It’s a flow. And remember, “there’s always more where that came from.”

7] Stop complaining – One of the surest ways to prevent all that you desire in life from flowing to you is to complain. It’s perfectly OK to dislike something. That’s how you discern what you want from what you don’t. But adding energy to your dislikes by complaining about them is like putting up an electric fence around your life to keep abundance at bay. There is no value whatsoever in complaining about your boss, the weather, your neighbors, the government, or the price of anything. Do yourself a huge favor. Stop complaining. Period.

8] Keep a $100 (or £100 or €100 or ¥10,000) bill in your wallet at all times – This might feel a little hokey, but it works. Keep a large bill—in whatever denomination works best for you—in your wallet at all times but do not spend it. Every time you open your wallet and see that bill, you’ll remind yourself (and the Universe) that you are abundant, that money is a never-ending flow of energy, and that there is always more abundance making its way to you. I used this method for a couple of years and definitely noticed a positive shift in my abundance consciousness.

9] Celebrate other people’s abundances – When good things happen to other people, the best thing you can do is to honor and celebrate their abundance. The worst thing you can do is to feel jealous, compare yourself to them, and think thoughts of lack in your own life. When you feel good about other people’s good fortune, you invite more wonderful things into your own life.

10] Spend more time in nature – This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but think about it. When you imagine life on earth without humans, it’s easy to see the inherent, infinite abundance in the natural world. Plants and trees and animals around the globe survive and thrive without our destructive intervention. There is an indescribable power emanating from the sun, the moon, the mountains, rivers, oceans and all living things. Nature is infinitely abundant. So, the more time you spend immersed in nature, the more you’ll begin to resonate with the fundamental vibration of abundance in all life. By shifting your thinking and taking some simple daily steps, you can create a life of greater joy, fulfillment, love and abundance. I know you can.

Number 8The year 2015 is an “8” according to numerology. The Number 8 is the symbol for infinity turned on its side.

This 8 energy attracts financial abundance, but does require effort.

This is a perfect time to establish a clear, powerful intention to start receiving the kinds of abundance that are important to you.

The challenges in life through this 8 energy are to achieve a high degree of detachment, and to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind.

Altruism, not greed will be the Master Key to 2015!

So on one level, 2015 is about letting go of limitations and embracing the limitless abundance available to you from the Universe. On another level the number 8 also represents the weave between the physical world and the non-physical world of spirit. During 2015, you will have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your connections to your higher self, angels, spirit guides and other beings of light.

  • What types of abundance would you like to experience in the months ahead?
  • Better job opportunities?
  • Increased psychic abilities?
  • More clients?
  • More laughter and joy?
  • More friends?
  • More opportunities to travel?

The 8 Life Path energy is gifted with natural leadership qualities and the capacity to accumulate great wealth in 2015 – offering the potential to bring great gains and strides are more than possible. The 8 energy has a great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in business and financial matters. It understands the material world, and it intuitively knows what makes virtually any enterprise work. It’s talent lies not with the bookkeeping or petty management; but with greater vision, its purpose and its long-range goals.

The challenges in life of this 8 energy are to achieve a high degree of detachment, and to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind. Those working with the number 8 energy who do not understand the real relative value of money, bound to suffer consequences of greed; they run the risk of losing it all.

If you use ‘character and resilience’ of a true survivor, 2015 can be an amazing year for you!

Despite the difficulties that life presents, you can experience the satisfaction that comes from material wealth, and the power that comes with it. Business, finance, real estate, law science (particularly history, archeology and physics), publishing, and the management of large institutions are among the vocational suits that will be affected the most. The 8 energy is naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership – politics, social work, and teaching are the many areas where your abilities can shine.

This 8 energy offers a good judgement of character, which aids you well in attracting the right people to you. The facet of this energy to beware of is the desire for ‘luxury and comfort’ is especially strong, status is very important; you must avoid living above your means. The 8 energy treads that dangerous ground where power and corruption lie. The challenge is to avoid becoming too self-important, arrogant, and domineering, thinking that your way is the only way. This leads inevitably to isolation and conflict. The people you run the risk of hurting the most are those you love: your family and friends.

Be careful of becoming too stubborn, intolerant, overbearing and impatient, as the 8 Life energy usually possesses an inherent strength and resiliency.

The momentum of the new moon and the winter solstice on December 21 has propelled us into the New Year. 2015 promises to be a year of abundance in many forms—money, joy, opportunities, synchronicity, love, insights, etc.

You will never know which action or moment in time that will launch the ripples of your ABUNDANCE. With these new energies in the air, there is still a responsibility of your part to Take Positive Action.


Godspeed to Your health, wealth and happiness!

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