Celebrating Clarity and Manifestation of 2015

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Manifestation Wisdom for 2015 @ Spirit Pond

These are words from your essence, take from it what and how you wish, apply it in your life and watch your world:

“Every end of year, I sit in deep silence as I sense the universal energies of the coming year. While 2013 was ushered by the amazing wave of transformation, last year 2014 was set deeper into the energy of transition. All old systems peaked and broke down in 2013, in 2014 they transitioned into change – where the old were discarded and slowly replaced by a growing and expanding new.

This coming 2015 is being ushered in by a powerful energy of manifestation, where new expansions will establish and continue to manifest into amazing new wonders. New creations, systems, mindsets and realignment will establish new patterns and paradigms which will further establish the manifestations of a new world.”


You know that linear and calendar time is artificial time, for real time has no boundaries and numbers or clocks to tick you over onto a new page. Each culture has its own calendar time, some in line with traditions and beliefs, others in sync with the cycles of nature.

Nevertheless it’s an exciting time of the year, for the collective energies around the world are high and celebratory. So let’s harness that field of happiness, joy and excitement to bring into manifestations all your greater intentions. This time of the year is very special, for it’s the winding down, relaxing, time-out space where we celebrate what was and has been, and create new intentions for what will be and is coming.

This is a small list of wisdom you may like to adopt (almost in line the analogy of a vegetable garden) and apply into any or all areas of your life, for e.g. inner self, outer self, relationship, health, career, money, world issues, etc.

1. Harvest and reap your rewards – Celebrate your life and count your blessings, including everything you’ve achieved this year, however big or small, with a heart of gratitude. If you don’t harvest your plentiful crop of vegetables, they will be wasted and eaten away by bugs (which is good for the bugs) and you will not be honoring the abundance cycle. By harvesting and celebrating with gratitude, the higher vibratory field will further attract more growth for the next cycle. For e.g. celebrate your new creations, mind shifts, progress and miracles.

2. Sift through the year’s produce – In line with harvesting and reaping, there are bound to be some imperfect, perhaps even rotten vegetables among the pile. Sort through the year’s rubble and note down what worked and served you, and lessons from what didn’t. Strengthen and fertilize what worked and served you, and do more of them. Turn around what didn’t work and went rotten into valuable insights on how to make them different or better.

3. Prune off the old and dead, and clear the weeds – It’s time to snip off the limited and old beliefs, perceptions and ideas that hold you back e.g. anything with the words I can’t, it won’t, it’s impossible, I should have. It’s also time to clear the weeds from people, places and events that pull you down and shut you out. Bless them, let go and move on. Life’s too short to waste time letting the weeds suffocate your vege garden, you have the next season of bountiful crop to bring forth.

4. Replenish the soil – The key to growth, success and abundance in health, wealth and happiness is in a rich soil. All gardeners know that soils and foundations make or break the crop it produces. Infuse it with the composted wisdom and insights gained from no.2 and 3, then leave it to sit in the sunshine, rain and fresh air to replenish and rejuvenate into wholesome new energies. So allow your body and mind to chill out and soak in true relaxation, to prepare for the new season.

5. Plant new seeds – With the clear head, space and aligned spirit you now have energy and wisdom to start planting new seeds. Various seeds from new goals, ideas and action-plans to grand dreams and visions need to be planted so they can start to grow. Never be afraid to dream big, for your true reality is infinite possibilities. They can be changed, added onto or pulled out later if you wish to, but if they’re not planted, nothing will grow. So write them down, visualize, put them out there, believe and truly live them.

Like a farmer in sync with nature, this is the time of the year when you clear the soils, replenish and rejuvenate then plant new seeds for a new season. So among the celebration, allow yourself some time to be still and quiet and go within, to reflect and realign so you can flow with the greater universal energy to bring forth new manifestations for the coming year.

patsiePatsie Smith is a spiritual author, guide and facilitator of self realization and self-healing, intuitive healer and body worker, meditation and yoga teacher, inspirational speaker and mother of three young adult children. She is an Australian of Chinese descent and lives in Perth.

Her journey of life began with a dysfunctional childhood which led to a constant battle and struggle through adolescent and teenage years and then severe depression in young adulthood.

At the age of 21 she attempted to end her own life with a suicide attempt which left her in intensive care drifting in and out of consciousness. Surviving that experience served as a major turning point in her life, as it began a journey of endless searching, healing, learning and growing. Through the course of her life journey, other dysfunctions surfaced from her incomplete inner self in the form of alcohol dependency and chronic digestive inflammation. Extensive drain from both her inner and outer worlds peaked to a state of chronic fatigue later in life, where her mind, body and soul were totally depleted.

Her searching journey took her into various pathways from Christianity to Buddhism, Zen, shamanism, yogic science, natural foods and medicine, and eastern energy arts. She learned from them all but remained a masterless student, following only the intuitive voice in her heart. Her journey of self-healing from all her dysfunctions led to series of inner awakenings, shifts and growth.

At the age of 45 her spiritual journey peaked to an astoundingly profound experience of ‘ultimate’ self-realization, which left her speechless for awhile before she was able to integrate it fully. Her journey of integration recently blossomed into the writing of a book within the span of two months and then the publishing in 2013 of Awaken Our Spirit Within. It also saw the progression of her past 13 years work as a full-time registered massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher into a healing facilitator and spiritual guide.

Today she consults and guides many on one-on-one healing sessions at her own clinic using all wisdom and knowledge culminated through her own life healing journey, in addition to various vibrational medicine tools trained in her professional path e.g. energetic kinesiology, meditation, flower essences, sound vibrations, and energy transmissions. Working with her, many have been facilitated into their own self-healing on every level of their being – mental, emotional, spiritual and hence, often physical.

Transmission of wisdom and energies from her commonly allow people who are ready and open to shift profoundly with inspired clarity, which consequently leads to their own self-healing and self-transformation.

Her work is powerful for she facilitates change and healing from within and from the ultimate source of one’s own being – their spiritual level.

Now the Life energy that has guided her and is her total wholeness is manifesting through her in the form of the creation of Spirit Pond – a place to reach out and help many more.

Patsie Smith is a fully qualified and registered remedial massage therapist, kinesiologist and yoga teacher accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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