Canadian Women, Celebrated on 150th Commemorative Bank Notes

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Dec 7, 2014 — This week the Bank of Canada announced that a special commemorative bank note will be issued in 2017 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. The Bank indicated it would like public input in keeping with its new Design Principles (those principles that failed to include a commitment to include Canadian Women).

Nevertheless, this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the contributions of both women and men to our country on a bank note by 2017. Please submit your ideas to the Bank by filling in the latest questionnaire; the deadline is January 8, 2015. Not much time and seems odd to do public consultations during the busy holiday/Christmas season, but I believe we need to call on the Bank to create a Canada 125 bill that shows the diversity of our country and includes the women who built it along with men.

Huffington Post Canada has just published an article entitled “Women on Canadian Money May Finally Be Possible With Confederation Bank Note.”

I suspect the Bank of Canada is more likely to consider including female (and male) historical figures rather than people who are still alive. But who knows – as we do have a reigning monarch on the front of our regular bills.

Please continue to encourage your friends and colleagues to sign this petition, call on your Member of Parliament to become actively involved in the campaign and stand up for Canadian Women, and submit your ideas for the Canada 150 bank note to the Bank of Canada. Many people are getting involved with our campaign by submitting great suggestions on and sharing their favourites on social media. Together we can ensure that the Canada 150 bank note will actually “Reflect Canada” – and that all future notes will do the same.

New Bank Note for Canada’s 150th

Contribute your ideas to the design of a commemorative bank note for Canada’s 150th by filling out our online questionnaire.

The Bank of Canada has announced that it will develop and issue a commemorative bank note in 2017 to mark the 150th anniversary of Confederation. Since its inception, the Bank of Canada has issued two other commemorative bank notes. The last commemorative note issued in 1967 marked Canada’s centennial, so we’re pretty excited.

Many details have yet to be worked out, but one certainty is that this polymer note will be broadly available by 1 July 2017. Details like the denomination, security features, the number of commemorative notes that will circulate, and the means to obtain them will be announced as the project progresses. Stay tuned for updates.

In keeping with the Bank’s design principles, we need input from Canadians. Ideas for themes, subject matter and images will be considered as long as they take the following in to account.

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1] They must adhere to our principles for bank note design.

2] They must represent the specific theme for this special note – the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Ideas for theme, subject matter and images will be gathered from the public and other key stakeholders. The Bank will also seek advice from subject-matter experts. The designs proposed to the Minister of Finance will be those that best meet the above criteria. The Minister of Finance is responsible for approving any new bank note design in accordance with the Bank of Canada Act.

The Bank invites Canadians to propose ideas for this commemorative bank note marking our country’s 150th birthday.

We hope you’ll contribute ideas towards this celebratory bank note. Spread the word and share this page with your family and friends. Tell us what makes you proud to be Canadian, what would best represent Canada’s 150th and what you’d like to see highlighted on this commemorative note.

Fill out the questionnaire by 8 January 2015.

A summary of the input received from Canadians through various means will be published at the end of the consultation period.

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