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EbolaLiesBookCoverEbola Lies is a HOT NEW BOOK that I have written that exposes the lies and deception about Ebola. You can now purchase the book for only $3.97 from our Home Page at www.endowmentmed.org. THE BOOK IS SOON TO BE RELEASED ON AMAZON. Below is the Table of Contents.

I was driving to an appointment this week when I heard a radio personality say, “Why are they keeping information about Ebola from the public?”

In Ebola Lies, I separate the FACTS from the MYTHS. The book is not about FEAR, it’s about TRUTH and readiness.

What you don’t know can kill you.

Proceeds go to The Endowment for Medical Research for education and research in the new field of Glycoimmunology, a branch of Glycobiology.

Thanks to many of you who have already downloaded Ebola Lies. If you have already purchased Ebola Lies, it has been updated and you can have the upgrade without charge. It’s simple and here is how it works. Re-order the book and apply your personal code for instant credit of $3.97 which makes the latest version FREE. Simply apply your personal code at checkout. The code is: $397(plus your full name as used on your order – as all one word and all upper case). Use the same email address as with your original order.


The Ebola virus has already killed thousands. The CDC predicts it will kill millions. And, the public hears the fears and myths and are looking for real answers. Please share this Link with your sphere of influence. Post it on facebook and every social media you can. Everyone needs to know.

Ebola Lies
Table of Contents:
1) Can We Put the Ebola Genie Back in the Bottle?
2) When is Ebola Contained?
3) Fatal Flaw in the Ebola Testing Procedure
4) German Doctors Evidence Transmission Before Fever
5) What About Ebola Survivors and Sex
6) Mutation
7) Beyond Ebola is Already Here
8) Mathematical Calculations
9) Doctors Without Borders
10) New York City’s First Confirmed Ebola Case
11) Ebola is Biosafety Level 4
12) Congo Reports New Ebola
13) A Summary of Bad Choices that Makes the World More Dangerous Today
14) Ebola Jihad
15) 3 Reasons for Bad Choices
16) Population Control
17) Why Ebola Became Political
18) How Big A Health Crisis Can Be Created – Much in Common: Ebola and Terrorists
19) It Depends on what IS IS
20) Fundamentally Transform US
21) First Time in US History
22) Vaccines Raise Serious Questions as More Lies are Reveled
23) NEW Army of Violent Criminals FREED from Jails
24) 100,000 Haitians
25) Economic Impact
26) A Lesson for US
27) The Weapon of UV Light
28) How Shall We Then Live?
29) What Do I Do Next?
30) The Building Blocks of Your Immune System
31) Natural Ways to Improve Your Immune System
32) Avoid Foods, Beverages and Ingredients that Cause Inflammation
33) A Brief Response – WHAT ARE SMART SUGARS?
34) Sources and References

The Endowment for Medical Research

PO Box 73089
Houston, TX

[email protected]

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Ebola Virus Disease, Dr. Ashok Laddha


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