4-session “Get-Your-Party-On” Coaching Special, Lauren Millman

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HOLIDAY COACHING PACKAGE….designed just for you.

You just got the call, or opened up the invite, and only too soon find yourself saying…

” Oh Crap….HE’S going to be there? And HER too?”

The holidays are now fast approaching, and the invites for the parties and family get-togethers are being sent out. You’re going to get the call too.

Ooooh…you know it. You’re on the list. And so are they. Fun times, right? NOT.

holiday_food_partyYou may have to see the Ex, your annoying boss or chatty co-worker, the friend you had a falling out with, or the in-laws.

You’re OH SH*T moment has just arrived, and you’re diving straight into panic mode, denial, refusal to go.

How do you deal with that?

Do you go?

Should you go?

You HAVE to go.

And go you will, armed with the ammunition needed skills, to ensure a smooth ride, and a fun time. This 4 Session Special will arm you with all the tools.

stress_freeYes, it’s possible, and you’ll be proud of yourself too for not bowing out, and for being able to control your anxiety, your temper, and your words.

You will be able to control the level of anxiety you have as I’m going to teach you, guide you, support you through it.

You’re GOING TO GO, and you’re going to strut your stuff! Show them all you’re bigger than avoidance, and leave ’em all in the dust, as you gracefully float across the room of any occasion, dinner or party alike.


*How to control anxiety and panic
*How to understand other people’s behaviour and how not to internalize it.
*What to say, what not to say, and how to make a quick verbal exit
*How to avoid difficult situations in inappropriate places.
*How to have a successful conversation, and move forward.
*Be confident, and own your right to your own thoughts, actions and beliefs.

You’re going to let them see you walk in all high and mighty, but WITHOUT YOUR EGO. You’ve left that at the door!

You won’t be needing it to protect you because you’ll have what they don’t… THE RIGHT MINDSET and CONFIDENCE, and a set of boundaries, supported with skills, techniques, and a time frame, all set up to help you have a HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL time.

Can you actually picture that? Wouldn’t you just LOVE that? Oh, Yes!

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Sign up now for your intensive, 4-week Coaching program, geared specifically to help you get through the holidays unscathed and looking like the HERO, not the zero.

Once your 4-session “Get-Your-Party-On” Coaching package has been purchased, I will be notified and will contact you within 24-48 hrs to set up your Coaching day and time, and away we go.

*This offer is valid until November 24 – REGISTER TODAY!



Get ready to knock their socks off. Ready? Let’s go!!!

Payment Plan


Coaching In-Person, by phone, or Skype

Lauren Millman Coaching – CALL: (416) 576-5881

I can’t wait to help empower you!!!!!

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