Realizing Leadership celebrates Irene Becker, AUG 2014

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“From the first issues to this month Realizing Leadership keeps getting better. The app is awesome; I found a couple new features.

The content is extremely valid for my life. I can use these principles and ideas in my work life and my personal life.

I love this magazine.

If you want articles that will help you grow as a person as well in your business life,

YOU HAVE TO GET THIS NOW. DON’T WAIT!!!!” ~ sthornton72

IreneBeckerDEVICERealizing Leadership magazine focuses on leaders like you who want to better understand the various aspects of leadership, develop your skills and improve as a leader.

Realizing Leadership features leadership experts in the In Conversation section of the magazine where leadership specialists share their knowledge about what makes exceptional leaders and they offer ideas and actions that can be done right now to become the leader you aspire to be.

This month’s featured guest in Realizing Leadership in Conversation is Irene Becker, creator of 3Q LeadershipTM.

Also in this issue:
+ Six Ways to Enhance Organizational Structure by Doug Dickerson and Elizabeth Stincelli
+ Leadership and Trust by Colin Gautrey
+ Hey, Leader – Turn Around! Is Anyone Following You? by Erin Schreyer
+ Leadership and Power by Randy Hall
+ Leader Engagement – Four Steps to Ensure Your Commitment to Lead Change by Lisa Woods
+ Tell Me What You Think (But Not Really) by Kelly Riggs
+ Body Language in Public Speaking Should Enhance Your Words – Not Detract from Them by Nancy Daniels

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WOMAN of ACTION™ – Irene Becker

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