CREATING A CAREER that MATTERS, Sept 26,27 & 28

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Dear Friends,

As I’ve reintegrated the various aspects of my work over the last two months, I’ve moved forward with deep appreciation for what my Congressional campaign taught me, and eternal gratitude towards all of you who supported my run. Work I do going forward will be more inspired from my having had the experience, and I hope it will be more useful to you as well.

I’ve published several articles since the campaign. I will continue to blog about my views on everything from personal growth to spirituality to politics, and will share the articles with you.

I am also teaching a seminar in Los Angeles, in person or via live stream, on September 26, 27 and 28 called CREATING A CAREER THAT MATTERS: The Inner Keys to Outer Success. I’ve been through so much in my career over the last thirty years — both highs and lows — and I feel I have a huge amount of information to share with others on their professional journey. I hope you will join me for what I think will be an amazing weekend of personal and career breakthroughs.

As I work on various activities over the next few months, — including writing a new book! — I hope I will have some important announcements to make. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me on the path to what I hope is a more enlightened future for all of us.

With love,


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