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It seems everywhere you look these days, people are dishing out feel-good mantras and their take on what will make you happy. It can be overwhelming.

After all, how do we really know ‘what works vs. what doesn’t‘?

With life stress, chores and daily demands, it can be exhausting to cut through the clutter. Reaching happiness can be stressful, especially if you get tossed the wrong nugget of wisdom, which sends you spiraling backward.

Here is collected the best life advice to help you through any sticky patches.

These 20 pieces of wisdom are good reminders to help keep a balanced perspective.

1. The sun will always rise. It is never too late to start over.

2. Children have great answers. Let them be your teachers.

3. Logic doesn’t solve problems of the heart.

4. Happiness isn’t outside of you.

5. Your heart will expand when it’s broken.

6. Do it now, before it is too late, because it will be too late.

7. If you feel pushed, you don’t have to make a choice. It’s not time to act. You will know when to say when.

8. Trust yourself.

9. Judging people for their choices says more about you than them. Compassion is essential for a peaceful life.

10. Love is greater than fear. Always choose love.

11. When you choose to be happy, it’s easier for others to be happy too.

12. Gratitude is the life force of everything.

13. It’s not life that matters but the courage you bring to it.

14. Comparing yourself to others makes your own successes and happiness scarce.

15. When you give without expecting anything, you increase your abundance.

16. Focus on what you want versus what you don’t.

17. People are who they are. Instead of trying to change them, accept them for who they are, as they are.

18. Freedom arrives when you release expectations.

19. Forgiveness has little to do with your past and everything to do with freeing up your future.

20. There is no there to get to. The journey is the real reward.

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