WMF conference celebrated a Raving Success!

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WMFlogo-300x298It is a one-day conference to celebrate the courage of women who are moving forward in their lives.

A light breakfast and lunch will be provided for these ladies. We will also have information tables with other non-profit organizations that support and sponsor women to move forward with their lives. (e.g. Scarborough Women’s Centre). The entire event will be run by volunteers, including speakers, trainers and coaches and will be funded by donations, sponsorship and various fundraising events.

These women can come from many different walks of life and have chosen to move beyond their circumstances.


Our goal to provide participants with new tools and motivation to continue to move forward in their lives.

Women Moving Forward Conference is a non-profit event which is FREE to the first 100 women who register.


We are passionate about our second annual event and know we can make a major positive impact for these women.

This year Cindy Stradling and her Team of Amazing Women Moving Forward are elated to share that MAY 31 was a raving SUCCESS !!!

True to its advocacy mandate, A Celebration of Women™ is the only world hub for all women’s philanthropic groups to celebrate their founders, members, associates and those ‘paying forward‘ in a global effort to collaborate in our mission, vision and Take Action to help us achieve our collective goals. It was an honor to assist Women Moving Forward in achieving this 2nd Annual Grand Success, creating positive lives for women.

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