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by Frank Corbin

As we all know, the US financial system is currently in a mess. Institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stern, AIG and now Washington Mutual are struggling to keep their heads above water. These organizations are either declaring bankruptcy, being bought out by other big financial institution or looking at the US Government for a financial life-support.

As with any business model, we must admit something went very wrong with these financial institutions. These CEO’s have led their organizations down a disaster trail and are now looking to the government for a financial life-line. Let’s call this one what it is, this look like “welfare for the rich“. If the government jumps to rescue these private and publicly traded companies with financial support – much like a welfare system – the worst is yet to come. The middle-class tax payers would have to again pay for these greedy, corporate mistakes. Welfare should be for individuals under tight financial strains, and not for institutions sitting on assets worth billions of dollars.

I must say this, “Keep the government and politicians out of your businesses.”

Personally, I believe this problem will result in thousands of people losing their jobs and even worst, millions of people who invested in these institutions for their retirement will not be able to retire as they planned. In a matter of weeks, trillions of dollars invested in these companies has basically disappeared. Investors, who have worked for years investing in a retirement, will not be able to reap the benefits because of extreme corporate greed.

Handing Your Money Over To Strangers

For years, I have been educating people on taking control over their investments. With stocks, your control is limited in every aspect – it is limited to the CEO’s of the companies, the employees, the accountants, the financial securities and even the clients. These companies have the freedom to do whatever they want with your money, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, but suffer the consequences of losing big.

These same situations happen with BRE-X (Gold), the Dot.com (technology) and now the financials. Who would think these PHD and MBA graduates, managing these institutions would make such a big error in their corporate management or perhaps… it was purposely done for personal financial gain. The answer is… we won’t ever know.

My question is…, when are we going to wake up?

Make no mistake, I am not advising you against buying stocks or investing in private or publicly traded companies, but I do recommend you invest your money where you have more control and leverage.

Taking Control

I recommend REAL ESTATE!

Why Real Estate? In Real Estate, you have unlimited control over your investments. You control where you buy, how much you invest in a property, which institution you get to finance the property, you choose your tenants, and the list goes on. With this kind of control, your earning potentials increase exponentially, giving you the opportunity to manage your business with effectiveness and efficiency.

You are probably thinking that I am very biased, being a real estate mentor by trade. For the reasons stated earlier, I will always recommend buying real estate over most other investment vehicles. However, analyze the situation for yourself and let me know if you find a better answer. My point is if you allow others to control your investments, their interest will always comes first … not yours.

Here’s to your success,
Frank Corbin
Real Estate Mentor

Frank Corbin is the founder and CEO of REMIC CORP, a real estate mentorship company located in Mississauga, Ontario. He is one of Canada’s leading voices on real estate, real estate investing and wealth estate building, became financially free by age 22 after buying his first property at age 21. Frank Corbin, one of Canada’s leading voices on real estate, real estate investing and wealth estate building, became financially free by age 22 after buying his first property at age 21.

He is the founder and CEO of REMIC CORP, a real estate mentorship company located in Mississauga, Ontario. Frank invests in real estate both in Canada and The United States.

frank_corbinAfter college, Frank Corbin worked in the mineral exploration industry for six years traveling the world to places like China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Europe, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Canada, South America, Russia, The United States, and West Africa surveying for gold, diamond, gravel, water, and oil. Making enormous amounts of money and paying lots of taxes, Frank was looking for a better than RRSP tax credit system, to keep more of his earnings in his pocket. Through a lot of searching,he was pointed in the direction of real estate.

After purchasing his first property and receiving great tax credit, Frank decided to purchase one property every year, each year after. Since then Frank, has bought and sold over 75 million dollars worth of real estate.

As a mentor of REMIC, Frank personally leads, manages, motivates and educates over 5000 people in his organization. Frank’s unique ability to produce positive cash flow and profit from non-producing properties helps investors maximize their capacity to produce wealth. Frank believes that most people are financially stressed because of the poor habits they inherit from their parents, friends, families and community. Frank’s passion is to help thousands of people unlearn their poor habits by practicing wealthy habits. Frank has an enormous drive for success and is committed to transferring his drive, knowledge and RESULTS to his students.

Frank also believes that, “Sooner or later, people have to start doing something differently. They have to join a mentorship program to fulfill their financial goals.”

We are in the information age; if you are not part of a network of information your full potential for success can be limited.

As a founder and mentor of REMIC, Frank now spends most of his time buying bigger, better investment properties in Canada and The United States. He presents this mentorship opportunity throughout Canada & The United States. Frank is helping to change the lives of people throughout Canada & The United States by teaching proven wealth-building strategies, not “get rich quick” schemes. The “get rich slow” process and conservative approach affords anyone to change his or her financial situation.

Frank has tremendous respect for life knowledge and life education that would make anyone “bigger better smarter”. If you are not working to become “bigger better smarter” you will be losing the game of life, and also losing the financial game. Without the proper knowledge and education you don’t stand a chance to survive in the wealth creation industry.

He offers free seminars. His website is: www.remiccorp.com. Or he can be contacted @ 1-888-88-REMIC (73642)

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