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COURTNEY RIBBONHappy Mother’s Day our Dear beautiful Mother, Courtney Leigh Hewitt. We miss you, we love you, we feel your presence everywhere and today, although we can’t embrace you, smell your perfume, we know you are always and forever here with us! What we are able to shower you with today are all the beautiful proclamations and awards given in your honor!

Even after your death, your voice is synonymous and radiates around the world as people learn what a loving, caring and compassionate mother you will always be. More people in many countries are learning about what Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy is all about, sadly mostly thanks to you and Papi Todd.When you died our ages were only five, six, seven and nine years old! Five years seems like an awfully long time, but it still seems like only yesterday when we had to say good bye.

todd courtney's grave

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, we love you forever and ever!

Chloe’, Kylie, Claudia and Alex


PML Awareness Proclamations Received from the following states as of today’s date: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Louisiana and Colorado.

  • Humanitarian Award – Pure Joy Ministries (Pure Joy Ministries)
  • Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholastic Achievements Awards(Given by TCP to deserving students)
  • Courtney Leigh Hewitt Scholarships (Pure Joy Ministries given by Billy and Tracy Varn)

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University of Central Florida
Senator Bill Nelson

“If we could wrap these up in pretty paper and ribbons, we surely would.”

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