Business Wealth Summit May 31, 2014

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The opportunity to start your own business and create a substantial income has never been greater. Yet there are so many small business owners and professionals struggling to get that next customer or make that next sale.

We are bringing together an amazing international panel of speakers, trainers and coaches who are still “in the trenches”, building and growing their own multi-million (and even multi-billion) dollar businesses. They are coming together to generously share what they do and how their do it.

Unfortunately, many similar seminars are headlined by “gurus” who run their businesses only in their memories. Or they may be run by for-hire on-commission sales pros who can put on a “dog and pony” show but have never had a business of their own.

We are different: Each of our experts is active in their main business. They can show you what works now, not just what used to work decades ago.

Join us for a day of learning, growing, laughing, crying, discovering your passion, making new connections, and getting inspired by the stories of the people just like you who found a winning formula and are now making it happen in a big way at our business conference.


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WHEN: 31 May, 2014 (Saturday), 8:00 AM registration & check-in


We start at 9 AM sharp and finish around 6 PM

WHAT TO BRING: Lots of business cards, an open mind, and a strong desire to learn and grow.

WHAT TO LEAVE BEHIND: Your to-do list, your past worries and problems. Make this day about yourself and your future.

WHERE:Sandman Signature Hotel, 55 Reading Court, Mississauga, Ont. M9W 5Z2 – DIRECTIONS

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Sam Crowley

samcrowleySam Crowley is a former Fortune 100 executive who launched the personal development brand Every Day Is Saturday and the hugely successful website Sam also is a best-selling co-author, speaker and business coach.

As the story goes, Sam would usually arrive home late in the evening just in time to lay his daughter Madeline down to bed each night and answer the same question “Daddy, is tomorrow Saturday?”

Madeline asked this question because of Sam’s hectic corporate schedule which only saw him home one day a week – Saturday. Although six nights out of the week, Sam had to answer “No” to the Saturday question, he vowed that someday soon “Every day would be Saturday.”

Sam resigned from the corner office on May 6, 2005 and began what can only be described as an Incredible entrepreneurial journey. Sam documented each step along the way, knowing full well it would become the blueprint for any individual going through massive transition in their life.

Forbes Riley

forbesriley2010 National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee Forbes Riley is an award-winning TV host, author, highly sought-after spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives by sharing her passion for and unshakeable belief in the impact a healthy lifestyle can make in your life.

Forbes has gained international celebrity due to her highly successful, globally broadcast infomercials for the Jack Lalanne Juicer and the Living Well Healthmaster Blender, both of which have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars. One of today’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, she has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as a megabrand CEO for her SpinGym® alongside Silly Bandz, Skullcandy and Carol’s Daughter. E! has produced a TV special profiling each of these hot new products and their talented creators, filmed Got Rich Quick: Outrageous Fortunes. Forbes, crowned “America’s Fitness Innovator,” is passionate about finding unique ways for people to get and stay healthy through food and exercise. She’s known worldwide for starring in the feature film about raw food, Super Charge Me!

Claudia Harvey

claudiaharveyClaudia Harvey is sought after as a female motivational, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and business coach. Having succeeded in partnering with Kevin O’Leary, one of Canada’s notorious Dragons from the CBC’s Dragons’ Den and having over 20 years of business experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings, Claudia Harvey brings informative, dynamic and motivating energy to every event.

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder and Business Owner of Dig It Apparel Inc. which began in 2008. Dig It‘s original and flagship product is Dig It Handwear which is a unique utility glove with an Industrial Design Patent. These unique gloves provide an extraordinary advantage to the discerning woman to protect nails and hands from the environment while gardening or participating in a DIY project. With gloves in hand, Dig It founders successfully struck a deal with CBC’s Dragons’ Den Kevin O’Leary in Season 4. Since inception, Dig It has added new products, is sold nationally across Canada and entering the United States market.

Drawing upon the tools and skills learned through her 20 years of corporate experience and her successful entrepreneurial career, Claudia assists small businesses launch their product or service, achieve their vision, initiate and maintain their growth and succeed in their chosen niche. As a coach, advisor and consultant, Claudia will work with small business start-ups and ongoing enterprises, providing as-needed and/or on-going support.

Randi Goodman

Randi-150x150Randi is a connector who uses trade shows, expos, workshops and business conferences as a major source of bringing people together face to face. Her past Management of a manufacturing company and being a 4th level CMA has given Randi hands on experience and success in the business world.

Randi has an invested interest in helping women get much needed ‘me’ time and focus on their needs, whether it is for personal reasons or for business. Her ability to help and teach others to properly network on and offline, event producing knowledge, sales funneling and monetizing your list, is crucial to the entrepreneur and Randi wishes to share that information.

The many charity galas as well as school fun fairs and personal events that Randi has produced, has allowed her to take those experiences to the business world, where she is most comfortable. Having a few B2B events that were very successful, as well as women’s focused and real estate events behind her, Randi believes she can make a difference expanding and growing ’empowering business events’!

James Erdt

James-Erdt-colour-pic-tifJames Erdt is the Founder and President of Joyzone Inc and Fitness STAR International, which has four divisions including Fitness STAR Model Search, Network, Magazine and Agency. They are innovative, socially responsible organizations dedicated to guiding people of all ages in fitness, nutrition and inspiration with leading edge products, practical services and inspiring events.

James believes in leading by example and sharing his message with others, so they too, may live a healthy life of Well-Being and JOY!
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Forbes Riley trend setter

An Exclusive opportunity to an intimate luncheon with Forbes Riley.

If you missed her last time, or fell in love with her, Join 100 women (and select men) on Fri. May 30th from 10:30am – 3pm including lunch


Tickets – Save $50 with Promo Code ACOWTBWS

Add a SpinGym for $40 + tax >>> At the event they will be $50 cash


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