Women’s Complicated Relationship with Technology

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The Truth about Women’s Complicated Relationship with Technology

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It is not new that you would find a woman running away from technology; women and technology can never be good friends. They always have a hate-hate relationship. Well, yes, that is not true for all the cases, as we have some of the world’s biggest technology companies being managed by women; proud technology oriented women include:

  • Kristine A. Snow – President, Cisco
  • Cindy McKenzie – CIO Fox Entertainment
  • Cindy Bates – SMB, VP Microsoft
  • Kim Stevenson – CIO Intel

These are a few to name; there may be a lot more similar women tech-leaders, but still the result would be hardly 8 percent. The rest, 92 percent of them would always have a troubling relationship with technologies.

Reasons for women facing trouble with technology:

Women have the habit of brining all the chaos on them. They behave totally opposite to what a man does in a situation where technology comes into play. For example, while learning to install software online, if an error pops-up, the women would likely to consider that she is responsible for the issue. In contrast, man would be angry on the software and blame it. Not only this, women develop the phobia that they cannot handle technology. For example, it is not strange that many women do not know how to download a simplest file from internet.

In Paradox to this situation, there was a survey conducted recently in which result was mind boggling;

Amongst a larger group of women who were selected for the interview, 47% admitted the fact that they keep their smartphones next to the bed so that they can check it whenever they are up. This can be midnight too. A good number said that the first thing they do in the morning is check the phone. Another 5 percent claimed that they keep their phones under the pillow because that provides them a sense of security. 56% said that they always keep their phone closer to them so that they can respond to the phones immediately, even if they are having lunch or dinner. While, 12% keep the phone in front of them, on the dining table. The story does not end here, as 76% say that they constantly keep an eye on their Smartphone’s, so that they do not miss a single update. It includes the use of all the social media websites, text messages and calls. Yes, how can you miss the gaming applications? Many women check the phone after every 10 to 15 minutes.

The conclusion is that almost 27 percent women are highly addictive to their digital devices. They care for them a lot and always keep them closer. The reason behind this behavior is the fear of losing or troubling the device. Women are even sensitive about their devices, and they try to keep people away from them.

Most of the women prefer using the iPhone to any other Smartphone. The simplest reason for this behavior is user-friendly interface of IOS.

They do not find using iPhone bothering and feel relaxed with it. In addition, with the spyware for iPhone they can keep their phones safe from unwanted people.

iPhone is even adored for its super sexy style and beautiful look.  iPhone is even adored for its super sexy style and beautiful look. Women tend to fall for its luxurious appeal, and cover up their phobia of being not so tech-savvy.

Author: – This post is written by Katherine Switzer – a journalist, motivational speaker, and technology writer. Her experience includes working as a consultant to various law firms on relationship issues. She is also a research writer for TruthAboutDeception. You may follow her on Twitter .

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