‘Six Pillars of Self-Esteem’ – FREE Women’s Class – FEB 22

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Celebration House™: Education & Event Center”

This flagship center will educate women (people) through FREE ‘step up’ programs, accredited programs, health & well-being courses, addiction programs, business coursing, speaker events, workshops, computer labs, etc.; as well as, online educational coursing to service our girls globally. 

Aimed to create a “pay-it-forward” ripple of positive action, A Celebration of Women™ Foundation, was born to shape a better world through building residential homes (safe houses) that are mandated to enable the education of young women, support self-sustainable programs, graduating future women leaders.

Workshops by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

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“Celebration House™: Education & Event Center”
2696 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M6N 1M2

TIME: 11 AM – 4 PM

Six Pillars of Self-Esteem – The practice of living   
(5 hours Saturday)

six pillarsWhat does determine the level of self-esteem is what the individual does and the choices they make within the context of their knowledge and values.  It is the discipline of acting in a certain way over and over again day by day in big issues and small. In this program we explore the six pillars of self-esteem – living Consciously, Self-acceptance, Self-responsibility, Self-assertiveness, Living purposefully, Personal Integrity. 

The workshop is designed so the participants journal their personal responses to a series of questions, and identify and set goals to live more powerfully using each of the pillars.  It is a powerful way for the participants to learn to feel better about themselves and understand some basic principles on how to continue to develop and grow their level of self-confidence.

Introduce Yourself, sharing Your WHY You will be attending this course .
HERE: www.acelebrationofwomen.org/contact
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Success on Your Own Term   (2 Hours Evening)

“In this highly interactive workshop learn to define success on YOUR own terms.  Success is different for each of us and part of our own personal journey.  You will have the opportunity identify and celebrate past successes in a way that is meaningful for YOU. You will create your own personal mission statement to support you as YOU succeed in the future.”

Keeping Your “Best Intentions” Alive (2 Hours – Evening)

How many times have you set a goal for yourself with the very “Best Intentions” of achieving it, only to find that after a short period of time you are back doing the same things you have always done.

In this workshop we will explore the elements of effective goal setting and how to use the TICS chart to set small daily goals to help the participants create the habits so they can reach their personal goals.  This is a tool I use with my coaching client, it breaks down large goals into baby steps.

Discover Authentic Happiness   (2 Hours – Evening)

Our D.A.H. moment is when you Discover Authentic Happiness!

In this exciting 2 hour journey of discovery workshop you will: Unlock your hidden desires, Rekindle forgotten dreams, Ignite your passion.  The DAH Workshop has been designed for the participants to identify any areas that they may have forgotten a dream, or let fear stop them from doing something.  The workshop focuses on a questionnaire that is meant to provoke feelings and thoughts about who you are and what you want to accomplish with your life.


FEBRUARY 22, 2014

$25 Donation suggested if you can; but, not necessary and all donations will be anonymous – Tax Receipts will be privately emailed for 2014 to all donors, confidentially.



‘Six Pillars of Self-Esteem’

– The practice of living (5 hours Saturday)

Introduce Yourself, sharing Your WHY You will be attending this course HERE: www.acelebrationofwomen.org/contact

You must pre-register to ensure your spot.

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