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Intro to Scentsy

About my product:

OpportunityScentsy is a wickless home fragrance system using the warmth of a light bulb to melt the highly fragrant, food grade, wax. Lead-free, flame-free and smoke-free, it’s the safe alternative to candles.

We sell Scentsy Wax in over 90 scents!

You can also purchase body cream, scents paks, laundry detergent and more in your favorite scents! For an opportunity to try the scents please contact me at scentedblessings@hotmail.com or visit my website to see what we’re about!

About me:

I love this business because it gives me the freedom I need to run a household, work a full-time job and share a product that I truly believe in! I am surrounded by the support and advice of my fellow Scentsy family with whom I have grown to love and appreciate very much!

I am not only a successful Scentsy Consultant, but I am also one of my own best customers!!
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Invest in you!  Ask me how you can start up your own business – this was one of the best things I have ever done for me!

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