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ewomen job directorYou do not have to stop what you are currently doing. We are going to make what you are doing far better and more profitable!

Can you answer yes to these four questions?

  1. Do you find that networking is the best way to grow your business?
  2. Do you feel that now is a great time to charge ahead and grow your business?
  3. Do you consider yourself to be a “make it happen” person?
  4. Would you like to have more fun, more friends and a bigger personal network?

If you answered yes to the four questions above, you have the mindset to be successful with my system. Here’s more good news! My system is proven to work, and I actually used it myself to grow my own multimillion dollar organization from scratch.

So what is my system?

It’s called the eWomenNetwork Managing Director program. You have to apply and be accepted into the program, and if chosen, my team and I will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. In fact, you can’t lose if you follow the blueprint we have laid out for you.

If you are selected as the new Managing Director for your city, you will not only be paid to grow the network and inspire others, but you will become one of the most influential women in your community. There is an abundance of business and opportunity in this for you!

I started eWomenNetwork 12 years ago out of my home in Dallas, Texas because “I didn’t know how to network!”

I know, it’s crazy, but true. I figured out that if I could fix the networking dilemma for myself, I could teach other women how to do the same. Little did I realize that 12 years later we would have chapters all over North America, produce over 2,000 women’s business events annually and host the largest 4-day international women’s business conference in North America!

Not only that, but we are nationally endorsed and sponsored by:

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eWomenNetwork is founded on the philosophy of giving and being “other-focused.”

If the thought of this opportunity resonates and energizes you, please apply to become an eWomenNetwork Managing Director.


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