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Our Ministry Training Program is now entering its 6th year of training and has been a wonderful success with over
125 graduated Ministers of Her Walking Prayer!!
Come join this calling to serve and support
our collective prayer of awakening in the world!! 
Becoming a Minister of Her Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies prepares one to assist others as they move through the many transitions of life. Directed study creates the opportunity to explore specific methodologies, practices, theories, traditions, beliefs, scriptures, and philosophies, as well as allowing for the integration of individual spiritual experiences. In addition to our course instructors, we have many grandmothers from different parts of the world sharing their teachings (in video and audio format) in the Grandmothers Corner.

In developing the skills and knowledge to act as a support to others, this process is designed to enlighten an individual’s practice of worship and daily living-for the purpose of living life as a “walking prayer“. Individuals who successfully complete the course of training can be ordained as a Minister of Her Walking Prayer, and will be qualified to conduct ceremonies, facilitate study groups, and mentor others in the process of spiritual growth unique to each individual.
Spiritual Director Jyoti
The two-year on-line program consists of 22 monthly modules, four breathwork workshops (2 per year, can be done in your local area), and two four-day retreats held on-site in Northern California. Each full-time student has a Mentor, and there are two hour-long conference calls per month: one with the instructor, and one with our Spiritual Director, Jyoti. Upon completion of the program, you can be ordained as a Minister of Her Walking Prayer with the ability to support others at marriages, births, deaths, and other life transitions.

We offer two options
for enrolling in the Ministry Training Program:


(1) The full two-year course – $2750 per year, $5500 in total. Tuition does not include the 4 breath work sessions or the two retreats.

(2) The Auditing option – $1100 per year, $2200 in total. The Auditing Option has reduced requirements and does not lead to ordination, but auditors have access to all the audio and video content.

Flexible payment plans are available.    

~ Enrollment Process ~

1. Applications must be completed and submitted along with a non-refundable $45application fee.To download the Application and Informational Pamphlet, click the link below:

Daughter Maria and Mother Victoria


2. Upon acceptance to the program you will be sent a  registration information form to complete.

Submitting this completed Registration Form and $500 non-refundable deposit by January 31st, 2014 qualifies you for the Early Registration Discount.

Any questions or more information:

Mary McCulloch ~ Registrar (415) 577-4508

[email protected]


Service in Action


When Rev Matthew Kocel graduated this year, he was already engaged in his ministry as an internationally known visionary musician, throat singer and sound healer. Driven by his mission to inspire unity through the universal language of music and sacred sound, Matthew has been traveling the world sharing his gifts.

This November Matthew co-facilitated a sacred journey to Peru with travelers eager to visit the sacred sites. Having Matthew along allowed everyone to go into deeply transformative spaces offering powerful insights and personal healing. He was also entertaining with his impromptu jam sessions and classic rock! Everyone fell in love with Rev Matthew Kocel, coining his new nickname – Matthew Picchu! Thank you Matthew for sharing the gift of sound and the higher frequencies of sacred space.

At her job as a social worker, Rev Marlo Narro says she is blessed to serve those in the military and their family members. During her first year in the Ministry Training Program, Marlo served in Afghanistan on a Mobile Care Team. More recently, she completed a nine-month leadership training program with Matthew and Terces Englehart from Café Gratitude, applying the practices of Sacred Commerce.

Marlo has a gift with helping assist her clients to get in touch with their heart in order to heal, grow, and serve. Marlo mentioned recently, ‘I know for me in my own place of work I can see a shift on how I am BEING the presence of love and the ripple effect that it has‘. Way to go Marlo, for the beautiful ways you are serving your community and country!

MTP Class of 2013 – Water Clan – Ministers of Her Walking Prayer

Be Ordained as a Minister of Her Walking Prayer

This year we celebrate our sixth year of guiding students deeper into a study of what Ministry can be for those who feel the calling to engage with this path. It is the journey of a lifetime for those who say ‘yes’ to their soul’s desire and embark on a path of service as Ministers of Her Walking Prayer. Many of our students tell us this program weaves together a tapestry of interests and gifts, synthesizing the wide variety of life experiences into a unique whole. Our training forms itself around the various practices and cultural backgrounds of our students so that everyone finds something engaging to grow with.

Our ministry students are often surprised and deeply moved when they meet each other for the first time, as they feel like they are reconnecting with old and deeply trusted friends. Our students are an amazing caliber of people who come to us with a wonderful variety of experience. They all come with a strong desire to serve, and an openness to expand what this will look like as the program develops them spiritually.

Guided by vision and promptings of Spirit, we are growing our community of Ministers who are out in the world sharing their gifts. Many of our graduates keep in touch after completing the training, interested in participating in the growth and sustainability of our program and CSS. This year we proudly launched an Alumni-hosted continuing education program to further the studies inspired by the training. Ministers stay in touch through an Alumni newsletter and other social media platforms. Our network grows stronger with each class we graduate, circling the planet with participation from students all over the world! The message of peace and hope that our Ministers embody has a far-reaching effect on those who cross their paths. They hold the compassion and awareness of what it means to be a Minister of Her Walking Prayer in every word and each step they take on this sacred journey of life!

With abundant blessings,

Mary McCulloch


Mary McCulloch


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