VERONICA – We are often asked, “Why?”


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“We are often asked, “Why?”.

Why would one choose to become a physical being in a reality that is so chaotic?The answers are all varied, but the most predominant one is to be of service.

     This is often followed by intention to overcome the challenges and to create a better vibration in the linear, causing the vibrant energy that is within all to burst upon the moment with great aplomb.

     There is nothing more fulfilling  than to release the full vibration of your energy upon the reality your are participating within.

     There have been examples given by those who did just that… release and unfurl their total essence into the reality.

     We believe your history books are full of accounts of those doing just that.

     Why not for a moment consider releasing your deepest purest energy upon your reality?     Many will say, “Well, I’ve never had the chance!

     We say the very second you breathe there is opportunity to bring your soulful energy forward.  It is important to not let past experience interfere with the present.

     If you have been ignored, abused, forgotten, or misunderstood, there is always opportunity to conquer the feeling it gave you.  Use it as fuel to propel you into a place of creating.


     Physical reality can give density to the most purest of essence.  Let others feel your intensity  You are here to leave an imprint of energy.

 Let yourself achieve it.
     Overcome the obstacles. 
     Believe that you can, and you will.”




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