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Lynn Manwar – WOMAN of ACTION™

lynn manwar passionsI am Canadian and a graduate of York University in Toronto, Canada. I am an entrepreneur, sales professional and writer.

Born in multicultural Toronto, Canada, with a Trinidadian mother of Indian descent and a Canadian father of German/English descent, Lynn Manwar is the perfect example of a new age woman of substance!

Cross-cultural woman, Lynn Manwar is known as the “Networking Queen”.

Her interest in the environment led her to complete a Bachelor in Environmental Studies education at York University in Toronto, Canada. Upon university graduation, she went to Nagano, Japan through the JET Programme and taught English to high school students and Olympic Volunteers during 1997 to 1998.
Lynn has been featured in media such as Metro, Anokhi Magazine, Desi News, Eye Weekly, The Bulletin, thatchannel.com, Suhaag.com, Masalamommas.com and Good News Toronto. She was as a makeover candidate on “Style by Jury” on W Network in Canada in 2007. She is a contributing author to “Making it in High Heels 2: For Leaders and Role Models”(2009) by Burman Books.

Her passions include film, art, architecture, international cuisine and spirituality. She has traveled extensively and visited Australia, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Palestine, South Korea, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates and USA.

She has been a teacher, recruiter, volunteer coordinator, job developer, program coordinator and entrepreneur. Her career has evolved to becoming an internet marketer with the intent to get her messages across to the world. Her life is about people and making a difference in their lives.

I have created this website “Wellness Detective” to provide resources to help people with health challenges find wellness solutions.

Unconditional love–what is it?

lynn-2011-300x225My definition is whereby you give love with a complete open heart and not expecting anything in return. Our first experience of unconditional love is usually from our mothers. I’ve experienced that feeling of powerful of unconditional love from certain friends. Actually in May of this year, I met an old long time friend after 6 years and we reconnected at her family home in Markham. It just brought me back to the good old days. She made me waffles, we had tea and wonderful bonding time. I met her 2 kids for the first time as well which was so heartwarming! Upon my departure from our reunion, she sent me home with a food care package.

The power of unconditional love can move mountains and nourish souls. I have been blessed to receive such great love from family and friends. During my time of recovery from cancer, many individuals have provided such nurturing and it was exactly what I needed.

We would spend quality time, doing things at home, cooking, watching movies, and basically hanging out. Time would pass and it would be so beautiful. I remember those good old days. READ MORE

Take time today to love unconditionally, the rewards come back ten fold!


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