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If You Find Yourself Detached

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“Being in physical reality, there is often a disconnect from the soul that occurs while attempting to move through the denseness.

Outside input can cloud a clear perspective of self that is so necessary for growth.

If you find yourself detached for whatever reason, it is important to take steps to reconnect internally.

The soul provides support continuously, however, in a separated mindset the abundance of that support is often diminished. This can leave the individual uncertain of his/her individual connection with just about everything.

Start by focusing on what you know to be true within. If you are off course, use your truth as a compass to guide you back to your true North.

All of the outside input that has driven you off course should be reconsidered. Expect it to take some time. It took a length of time to disconnect. A proper reconnection will also take some moments.

Be clear everyday of your focus with your soul and spirit. Look past all the lies, while establishing again your truth. It’s really the best path. Not a smooth one, but a necessary one.

Imagine an extension of the God energy into your heart. Leave the opinions and exchanges of energy with those who would disconnect you behind.

They are the past. You are the now present enabling yourself to connect soulfully within.

Imagine the warmth as it embraces your physical. The magic has begun and it will make a difference.”



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