Being Strong

“Many are encouraged to be strong in physical reality by those like ourselves in the eternal.

Yes, we agree that it is important, however, one should individually identify what the term “strong” really implies for them.

The word is defined in your culture as someone who is confident and comfortable in their own skin. We would expand that to also include someone who is comfortable with the relationship with their own soul as well.

The only true source of strength comes from deep within your own soul. Thus your ability to connect with it.

Of the utmost importance: No outside influence can replace that internal knowing of strength.

We recommend that all dig deep into the resources of their soul to discover that one article of awareness that brings out the true character of the soul.

Be aware everyday of your connection with spirit. Make time for the relationship in your busy day. It is the one true moment that may make a difference.

Stay connected even in the most dire moment.

You came here to succeed.

Stay focused in the strength of your soul.

It will provide the necessary means to be strong on every level.”



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