“I AM a WOMAN of ACTION™ BECA– USE …”, Global Alumni 2013

Our Global Alumni WOMEN of ACTION™ are trailblazers in this new millennium. Pioneering the new woman’s movement, a new paradigm of thinking .. that only through female leadership and the achievement of “Equality of Women among Women” will our world ever see a sustainable socioeconomic equality for all woman.

A Celebration of Women™ is honored to celebrate our winning Alumni members chosen from hundreds of women leaders around the globe on a first response, first serve and are listed below with their philanthropic focus in brackets:

1] Senator Hillary Clinton – WOMAN of ACTION™  –  USA ( Senator/Women’s rights)
2] Cybill Lui – WOMAN of ACTION™  –CANADA/USA ( Children’s Rights/Celebration House™ )
3] Lynette Louise – WOMAN of ACTION™  –  USA ( Autism )
4] Odette Laurie – WOMAN of ACTION™  – CANADA ( Women’s Empowerment/Celebration House™ )
5] Lady Lynette Palmen AM – WOMAN of ACTION™  –  ( Women’s Empowerment )
6] Belinda Stronach – WOMAN of ACTION™  – CANADA ( Women’s Empowerment )
7] Suha Sagban Abouzeid – WOMAN of ACTION™  – LEBANON/CANADA (Women/Celebration House™)
8] Giselle Rufur Delance – WOMAN of ACTION™  – SWITZERLAND ( Women’s Entrepreneurship )
9] Cindy Stradling – WOMAN of ACTION™ –  CANADA ( Women’s Shelters|Hand up empowerment)
10] Randi Goodman – WOMAN of ACTION™  – CANADA ( Entrepreneurship/Celebration House™)
11] Pilar Viviente – WOMAN of ACTION™  – SPAIN ( Women’s Rights/Celebration House™ )
12] Ellen Voie – USA ( Women’s Federal Trucking Association/Women’s Rights)
13] Women of our World – WOMEN of ACTION™  –  JAPAN, ITALY, INDIA, MEXICO, USA ( World Peace through Music)
14] Susan Binau – WOMAN of ACTION™  –  NORWAY ( Women’s Spiritual Growth/Angels )
15] Cinda Stevens Lonsway – WOMAN of ACTION™  –  USA ( ROAR|Women’s Empowerment through Word)
16] Alison Nail – WOMAN of ACTION™  – USA ( Women’s Empowerment through Recovery/Child  Abuse )
17] Sarah Kraft – WOMAN of ACTION™ – GUATAMALA ( Women’s Maternal Health|Midwife the Midwife )

Published on Aug 7, 2013

“The greatest hero is the one who just shows you the way, not just through the medium of themselves… but, above all, through the medium of yourself.” ~ Louëlla

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Celebrating the global Alumni winners in 2012


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