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full moonThe Concept of ‘The Full Moon Diary’ for women is revolutionary in offering a tangible marker to follow and reclaim a natural process that has been known for thousands of years.

And don’t worry, this does not require any moon dance rituals to be performed (unless this is a favorite past time of yours).

The Full Moon Diary is simply a way for women to take a moment’s pause in their month, to self-nurture and reflect on the month that has been.

The ‘Our Cycles Full Moon Diary’ introduces a number of days around the date of the Full Moon that highlight a time when this cycle of reflection occurs. With the app’s combining of modern age technology with the old fashioned principles of a hand written diary, women are able to record at this time how they are feeling and what has been happening in the month past. Over time, the recordings made in the diary become a personal story about you – women are able to see repeating moods and or symptoms they may be experiencing. This is an empowering tool, as it encourages a deeper level of awareness of our bodies and of ourselves. As the ‘Full Moon Diary’ functions as a modern diary, women can make any patterns or symptoms they have discovered as a theme of focus in their notes to be a reminder of what to look out for, and or, use the recordings to gather more awareness/notes and seek the right help where necessary.

Strong Cleansing and Cleansing Days… These days highlighted shades of blue on the Full Moon Calendar, initiate days of body awareness. They are much similar to the ‘preparing days’ a woman feels before leading into her period, and offer opportunity for the woman to take note of any feelings, moods or symptoms being experienced during this time.

Rejuvenating Days… These days highlighted also in other shades of blue on the Full Moon Calendar are to initiate time for self-reflection, to take note of the changes or experiences that have occurred over the time of the Full Moon and consider a new way forward.

An example testimonial and case study…

“Two years ago I had a hysterectomy. This was devastating at first because I felt it was the end of me as a woman. I literally thought I was no longer a woman because I did not have a uterus. During the same time I started to attend a Women’s group and learned about the full moon cycle, which occurs for menopausal women and for men. Along with some other women I decided to keep a full moon diary so that I could get to understand what this full moon cycle was all about.

I can only describe what I learned as amazing. Every day I wrote a few things down in my diary about what I was noticing going on in my body, what I was feeling, that sort of thing. It became very obvious that I did indeed have a cycle and that it was connected to the full moon. Keeping the full moon diary helped me to get to know my body and its cycles for the first time in my life. I found it so empowering. I came to feel when my body was in a clearing phase, when it was calling me to rest and be calm, and when it was full of energy – ready to take on anything. It helped me to stop ignoring what I was feeling.

I would encourage every woman who is going through or has gone through menopause to get to know her full moon cycle. It is liberating. So far I have used a paper diary but I am looking forward to the ‘Our Cycles’ App. I have no hesitation in saying that this is a truly empowering way for women everywhere to be with their body. There is much for us all to re-discover.” – Elizabeth, 53 Aus

A specific feature of The Full Moon Diary is that it is a fantastic support for women who are going through pre-menopause or menopause. This is done by allowing it’s users to record dates of menstruation as well as following the Full Moon, so changes occurring in a woman’s cycle as she transitions through each phase, and all the feelings, moods and symptoms that occur at this time can be kept track of. This information is easily viewable, and becomes a great support for medical check-ups and reporting back to your GP or other health professionals the symptoms and changes in your cycle.

1-Main-Menu2-300x265Many women worldwide have been trialling The Full Moon Diary and have discovered it to not be any mysterious phenomenon, but a real experience for them that is practical and simple to relate to. They now celebrate this time of the month, as an opportunity to cleanse and start fresh, much the same as they did when they were menstruating.

Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary can be used for any thing and every thing. It is in essence and by all measures a diary that holds all of your moments of self-awareness and self-reflection. It can be utilised to get to know your full moon and body cycles more deeply, but it also can be expanded for you to track any feelings, moods or symptoms happening in your life at any time.

Check out the Blogs or Testimonial pages to see how other people are making use of ‘Our Cycles’ in their lives.

ॐ Full Moon Meditation ॐ next full moon: Sunday * July 22, 2013

20 minutes Full Moon Meditation.
The energy of the full moon is very rich of a cooling and feminine energy. Many of us lack of feminine energy due the accumulation of excessive masculine energy, abundantly absorbed in the everyday life while facing challenges of any sort. Because of this, an inner unbalance may occur between the two energies. Use this meditation with the intention to gather full moon feminine calming energy up to 3 nights after the full moon. It will establish the natural balance between feminine and masculine.

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