$$$ Monetize Your Brand $$$ – Conference on July 23



Monetize Your Brand! Money, Marketing & the Right Plan!

Mini Trade Show Conference

Networking & Marketing, Your Ladder to Success!

  • Vendor Tables are available for $50 + HST
  • Limited tables available, inquire immediately if you wish to book one for July 23rd, 2013

TWE & ACOW are partnering to bring Women and Men together to provide incredible and valuable information to help you succeed personally and professionally!


  • Odette Peek Laurie: Learn How to Turn Your Ambition into a Money making Mission
  • James Burgess: The Power of Radical Focus on Business Success
  • Sam Rad: Online Marketing Expert, Chief Operating Officer of YouSaveHere.ca

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  • Learn How to turn your Ambition into a Money making mission
  • Dominate your profits so that YOU control your business finances, instead of them controlling you.
  • Nail down a 90-day plan that will enable you to identify strategies to dramatically bolster your client base and your bottom line.
  • Get you out of your own way and generate the courage, conviction and cash flow you need to succeed in building the business and life of your dreams.



  • The Power of Radical FOCUS on Business Success
  • Are you in search of the Holy Grail of Business Success?
  • Do you attend seminars and workshops looking for the next newfangled way to make Millions?
  • Do you waste time never engaging in your great ideas?


Learn how the OLDEST SUCCESS TOOL known to SUCCESSFUL Businesses will enable you to connect the right activity to your dreams of business ownership.

Personally signed copies of CHAOS; How Business Leaders Can Master the Power of Focus will be available to attendees at the Toronto Women’s Expo Special Offer Package Pricing.



  • Effective Advertising
  • Common mistakes in advertising
  • Print vs. Web advertising
  • Current trends in Marketing
  • Where to advertise

More information on Odette, James and Sam here



City Hall Building Services
North York Civic Centre
nymemorialhall_000 (1)

North York Memorial Community Hall

(downstairs from the Library)

Date: July 23, 2013

5110 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Time: 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Ticket only (online): $20 + tax
Ticket & Dinner (online): $45 + tax
Ticket & Dinner at the door (subject to availability, TBD): $60 (tax included)
Tickets at the door (no dinner): $30 (tax included)

Xtreme Exhibitor training DVDs available $99 + tax

Dinner details:
an assortment of vegetarian and non-veg selections of sandwiches, coleslaw, potato salad, mixed greens, asian noodle salad and dessert!

Parking: You can park at the Green P on Beecroft outside, across the street from the Library OR on Yonge St. if their is parking.
There is parking underground but may be more expensive than outside.

Vendor Tables are available for $50 + HST, dinner extra $25 + tax
Limited tables available, inquire immediately if you wish to book one for July 23rd or Aug. 8th



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