Life’s Tough Decisions made Easy, 30 of the Best Blogs


Decision makingThere’s nothing like the prospect of having to make a tough decision to cause a sudden case of the procrastination.

If you have suffered from this terrible affliction, fear not, for you are not alone.

Tough decisions, by their very nature, usually have the potential to cause unavoidable heartache or loss, so it’s understandable if you are reluctant to take the plunge.

To help you in your quest to develop a more assertive attitude towards the challenges in life, here are 30 blogs with advice on making tough decisions.

Find your Motivation

It is important when making any decision that you know what your motivations are. What brought you to this point? And what are the consequences of avoiding making the choices you are faced with? Being motivated is the first step towards taking ownership of an issue and doing what’s needed.

These five blogs will help you find your motivation, so that you can deal with tough decisions head on.

Building Self-Confidence

Knowing what you have to do is one thing, however, having the confidence to get it done is something different altogether. Without self-confidence you may still address a tough decision, but that’s not to say you’ll make the right choice. Finding confidence in yourself will help you decide on what’s best in a given situation, regardless of the potential outcome.

Here are five blogs that will help you find the self-confidence that you need.

Self-Assertiveness Training

Self-confidence and assertiveness are two entirely separate concepts, although at face value they may appear as the same thing. You will need confidence in order to assert yourself, but you will also need to know the correct way to assert yourself. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and the latter has no place in making tough decisions. Basically, an assertive person has better control over any given situation, which can greatly increase the chances of a favorable outcome. Learn how to assert yourself in the most beneficial way by reading these five blogs.

Career and Education Decisions

Career and education choices can affect the lives of both you and your loved ones. These are not decisions to be taken lightly, so think carefully before you make important choices. Unfortunately, you may only get one shot at getting it right.

The information in these five blogs will give you an outside, unbiased view of some of the decisions you will be faced with in your career or education.

Money and Budget Decisions

Financial matters are always tricky because there’s a lot at stake if you make the wrong decisions. With that said, putting financial decisions off out of fear that you’ll get it wrong can result in a worse scenario in the long run. Yes, take the time to think through all your options, but don’t leave it too late to make the right choice.

To get an idea of the best financial practices, have a look at these five blogs.

Relationships and Health Decisions

The thought of making relationship and health decisions fills most people with dread. There is, potentially, so much to lose. However, putting off making tough choices will definitely make matters worse. Ultimately, you can only do what’s best for everyone involved.

If you need some extra courage, follow the advice given in these five blogs.

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