Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign


Your Voices Delivered to the G(irls)20 Summit!

world pulse mapOver the last four months, your stories on girls’ access to education have flooded World Pulse in an uproar we never could have imagined!

As the campaign comes to an end, we are excited to share the outcomes and to keep the momentum going.

The submissions we have received are an excellent reminder that girls truly do transform the world!

With your support, the Girls Transform the World Campaign has accomplished some amazing feats:

  • An incredible outpouring: We received over 350 testimonies submitted from 60 countries, attesting to the universal importance of this issue!
  • A profound wisdom: We delivered your voices to the 2013 G(irls)20 Summit Delegates to inform their discussions and conversations on policy priorities for girls.
  • A powerful statement: Your stories were taken into consideration by the G(irls)20 when making their recommendations to the G20 leaders!


What does a global movement of empowered women change leaders look like?

Watch our new video to find out.


jensine policyWith your support, we have heard from hundreds of girls, women, and male allies around the world and collected their voices, ideas, passions, and cries.

These incredible stories are now impacting policy and transforming the world, so that girls everywhere can aspire to the education of their dreams!

Stay tuned to see your stories published on our site and partner media outlets!
You are influencing policy!

Jensine Larsen – WOMAN of ACTION™


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