20 Blogs Reviving the Lost Craft of String Art


stringartString art started out in the 1800’s as a way to teach math. By the 1960’s and 70’s, the concept changed from a learning tool into a trendy craft.

Now, 40+ plus years later, string art is making a comeback …

It’s even gotten its own little makeover and is being used to create word art.

The 20 blog entries listed below will take you through every aspect of string art, from beginners’ projects to those that are more advanced. There’s something for everyone with this craft.


The Basics

These projects, appropriately labeled as basics, shouldn’t take more than a few hours from start to finish. They are projects that will allow you to refresh your memory of string art if you haven’t done any in a while or allow you to learn the basics before progressing on to more complicated projects.

Take a look at these five blog posts for these beginner projects.

  • What We Made: String Art Take a look at this kid-friendly string art project for a fun afternoon craft with the kids.
  • 70’s String Art Tutorial, Décor it Yourself Watch this video to get an idea of how to wrap nails with string and move from nail to nail to create a pattern.
  • State String Art Tennessee is a simple shape to start with, and this blogger makes the steps easy to follow.
  • String Art Trophies These simple shapes are available for downloaded so that you can get started quickly with this project.
  • String Art This is the perfect starter project, and it follows the original methods of string art.

Kid Projects

String art is a great craft to do with the kids, and they’ll have a blast stringing different pieces of art together. There are even projects for younger children that don’t include pounding any nails.

Check out these five projects for some fun things to do with your kids.

Advanced Projects

If you are going to hang a string art project on your wall, you probably want it to have some meaning, so why not try one of the new trends in string art and create a state that means something to you?

Depending on the state, the project ranges from simple to complex.

String Typography

Find a quote or a word that holds special meaning for you or that you find particularly inspiring and make a string art project with it. Browse your computer for a font, then size your word up to the size that you want your project and print it off.

For the steps to complete your typography project, take a look at these five blog articles.


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