18 Blogs Describing Natural Remedies for Headaches


headacheNearly 90% of Americans will suffer from a headache at least once in their lives, and more likely will encounter many. Headaches, while a normal part of life, are symptoms of a much larger problem. The majority are referred to as tension headaches and are caused by stress, tight muscles and poor posture.

However, other causes include food sensitivities, the need for glasses, and allergies, just to name a few. The next time you find yourself reaching for another dose of over the counter headache relievers, try one of these natural remedies instead. You can drink water and other herbal remedies, apply ice or essential oils to your skin and use massage or acupressure to get rid of the pain – learn more here.

These 18 blog entries will further explain how to get rid of your headache naturally.


When it comes to treating headaches, there are several methods you can use in place of over the counter medicines. Instead, reach for an apple or cherries, which have nutrients in them that help to reduce and eliminate headaches. You can also drink several types of herbal teas to help relax and relieve any tension you may have that could be causing your headache. And sometimes it’s as simple as drinking a glass of water.

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Just like muscle aches, there are topical treatments that you can use to get rid of a headache. Many of these topical solutions are essential oils, but some are as simple as an ice pack on your neck.

These six blog posts are full of various treatment methods for a headache that just won’t go away.

Manual Remedies

When it comes to tension headaches, scalp massages can be particularly helpful. Applying pressure to your head and then releasing it will cause blood to rush to that point, which can ease a tension headache.

To learn more about manual ways to help get rid of a headache read these six blog entries.

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