Lorre White, E-commerce of China, 2.8 Trillion RMB by 2016



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240,000 RMB (US$40,000) – this is how much Chinese online shoppers spend online per second. And this astronomical figure is still growing.
More than any other country in the world, China has 242 million online shoppers already, or approximately 43% of total Internet users.
This online consumer population is twice as big as that of Japan, and 75 million more than that of the US.

Web agency Go-Global forecasts this population of Chinese online shoppers will expand to 423 million USD by 2016, generating sales of 2.8 trillion RMB per year.

The following infographic illustrates this e-commerce phenomenon.

lorre white china infograph

Lorre White

lorre whiteI’m a luxury marketing consultant who makes appearances on TV, radio and the Web as the only Luxury Media Personality “The Luxury Guru”.

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