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Exactly What Your Soul Needs

“As one moves through physical reality, the question of “why” presents itself often.

As one creates their own reality with clarity, it’s important to check yourself often to confirm you are making choices that are clear.

Yes, cloudiness can creep in, disturbing the beauty that you wish to create. If you are asking yourself “why?“, then it is important to take a frank look at yourself with honesty to pave a better path.

Question_Mark_1Not all experiences are easy. The universe works in partnership with your energy to achieve expansion.

Your input into that relationship does have impact. What you create can alter what the universe wants to give you.

Decide that you will put 100% positive thought into whatever you have pre-planned for this life experience.

The universe has funny ways of showing us that we as souls are valuable. So, after major dramas and events occur, we are shown ways to understand our true life’s purpose and lessons.

Decide to act upon the opportunities, whether they feel pleasant or not.

Reacting negatively to seemingly negative universal offerings can lead to feelings of being stuck or lost.

Instead, seek out an alternative positive action to assimilate the lesson, and move forward in the timeline clearly to the purpose.

It is important not to despair, but to use the opportunity to see and choose with clarity.

needs-22804Answer the “why?” from within.

If you honestly look, the answer will be there.

Learn the lesson.

Move forward.

Physical experiences are designed by you to help your soul find itself and understand its potential.

Once that is achieved, the “why’s?” will turn into a knowing thought pattern.

Thoughts that are positive and knowing will create exactly what your soul needs to feel fulfilled in all your experiences.”



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