Heads Up For The Emotionally Rocky Weekend‏


The Moon leaves Leo for Virgo between now and Sunday, taking hits from a variety of planets throughout the weekend. You can expect some lumps in your sugar with this but it’s nothing to panic over.

To fare well, I’d align the energy of the Moon.

master_chef_mom_multitasking_doitall_motherThat means drama (Leo) through Friday night. Saturday and Sunday think “multi-task“.

Get to work on details, communications and chores while the Moon transits Virgo.

This alone will have you feeling (Moon) in tune on a personal level to some extent. You’ll want this comfort, because the square between Uranus and Pluto is exact on Monday.

The clash between the outer planets is creating disruption and unease around the world. We all see this so I’m sure you take my point. Anything you can do to keep your inner life calmed will help.

Shine and play on Friday. Buckle down and get it done over the weekend and I bet you fare better than most.

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Have a great weekend,

Elsa P

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